Top 10 Best – NHL Fantasy Apps for Android – October 2016

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Hockey is, next to football, basketball and baseball, the most popular sport in the US. NHL is quite probably the most popular and most powerful hockey league in the world, and it consists of teams from the US and Canada. That being said, we’ve talked about top NHL apps quite recently, and are here to take a closer look at another similar batch. Now, in this article we’ll list top 10 fantasy NHL apps for those of you who love to manage your fantasy hockey teams. Now, this list consists out of apps which offers you the chance to manage a fantasy hockey team, and also of apps which can help you manage such a team. These apps are listed in no particular order, so keep that in mind please. That’s more or less it, let’s begin.

ESPN Fantasy Sports



ESPN Fantasy sports is a really comprehensive app for those of you who are into fantasy sports games, hockey included. You can create your very own league within this app and invite your friends to join you. As part of the whole experience, you can, of course, sign up, draft your team, edit your lineup, add players, make trades, etc. Rankings, projections and analysis come straight from Matthew Berry by the way. Aside from your fantasy teams, you can follow real, professional teams as well.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports



Yahoo Fantasy Sports is quite probably the most popular fantasy sports app out there, next to the ESPN Fantasy Sports and the CBS Fantasy Sports. This application offers a really nice UI for you to navigate, and hockey is one of the sports offered here. You can manage your roster, participate in mock drafts, get expert analysis, communicate via the fantasy manager to your league mates… and so much more.

Dynasty Hockey



This simulation game allows you to access a database of over 2,000 real life players, and use daily drafts in order to acquire real-life hockey players to your team. Now, as you probably already know, you’ll be required to train coaches and actually train players in order to either improve their ability, or keep that in the shape they’re currently at. This app comes with a slew of features you can check out.

CBS Sports Fantasy



CBS Sports Fantasy is one of the most popular sports fantasy apps in the Google Play Store, and focuses on managing your fantasy team exclusively, hence the name. Anyhow, this app is really well designed, and it’s packed with tons of features, while it offers a number of sports for you to manage your team in, including hockey, of course. Drafts are a part of the experience, and the same can be said for a detailed team management as well.

Score and Player Tracker



Score and Player Tracker is an app which has a lot to offer, this app brings tons of info, including live scores, stats, player news and analysis, real time alerts, filterable news feed, in-depth player profiles… and so much more, while it also allows you to follow players, teams, and games, if you choose to do so, and thanks to all this, it can give you a significant advantage when it comes to managing your fantasy hockey team.

Bleacher Report: Team Stream



Bleacher Report: Team Stream is one of the more comprehensive apps for your sports news, hockey included. This app will give you tons of info in order to help you manage your fantasy team, it allows you to sync your fantasy account and get the latest stats and info about your players, which is a really handy feature to have inside of such a capable application. This is definitely one of the more useful apps out there if you’re managing a fantasy team, hockey / NHL included, of course.

Sports Lines and Odds



This is also a detailed app when it comes to stats and info. The app can provide you with a daily fantasy player rankings for NHL, and you do get quite a bit of info here. The UI of Sports Lines and Odds might seem odd to some of you, because it’s not exactly designed to go along with the latest trends, but if you’re looking for hardcore stats and don’t care much about the design of an app that provides you with such stats, Sports Lines and Odds might be worth checking out.



Much like a number of other apps we’ve already mentioned, the eDraft application brings tons of info, including fantasy hockey analysis and alerts. eDraft will send you scores, stats, standings, news, odds and so much more, all the info that you can use in order to improve your fantasy hockey team. This app is free to use, so don’t worry about that, all you have to do is install it and try it out.

Shnarped Hockey


Shnarped Hockey app delivers latest hockey news, stats and highlights your way, for basically every player in the NHL. There are over 1,500 verified pro hockey players and teams included in this app’s database, and the app also comes with a really nice-looking UI, which is not that many apps on this list can say for themselves. This application is also free to use, so if you’re interested, go ahead, the link is down below.

NHL News


NHL News app is not exactly well-known, this app has been downloaded somewhere in between 10 and 50 times, though it’s fairly well designed and it also delivers quite a bit of info your way, including headlines, player info, team info, coach info, various statistics, etc. If you’d like to try a new app that you haven’t seen before, this might be a solution for you, it’s free to use and it can prove to be quite useful.