Top 10 Best - Apps For Dog Owners - October 2016

People often tend to say “you’re either a dog or a cat person”, well, in case you belong to the first category, you’re in luck, because we’re here to take a look at a list of apps that dog owners should consider installing on their smartphones. Believe it or not, there are quite a few dog-focused applications available in the Google Play Store, and some of them are really useful, and we did our best to list down the ones we found most appealing and most useful. Before we begin, however, do keep in mind that they’re not listed in any specific order. Having said that, let’s get to it, shall we.

Dog Walk - Track your dogs!

This app is really useful if you want to keep track of your dog’s walking routes and connected details. Think of this as a lite fitness app for your dog, as you can note down various information while you’re walking the pooch. This app tracks down your walking route, and gives you various info including how long did the walk last, how many miles / kilometers you walked with your dog, etc. The app even allows you to take pictures from your walk and then share them, of course.


Similar to Dog Walk, this application also maps the route of walks you take your dog to, and also includes a ton of useful info. This application comes from MapMyFitness, Inc., a company behind a number of fitness-oriented apps. Now, this application will also help you find dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, dog fountains and of course, waste bag dispensers. It’s well-designed, and definitely worth checking out.

Dog Breeds

The Dog Breeds application gives you access to hundreds of dog breeds and along with that, a ton of high-quality pet images. The information you’ll find in this app comes from, and in case you need some info about a specific dog breed, or you’d just like to browse the app to check out some cute dogs, this app will serve you well, and it’s completely free to use, just in case you were wondering.


iCam is a great app to monitor your dog while you’re not at home, to see what he / she is up to, and do all that from your smartphone. This application supports a number of desktop operating systems (including both Windows and Mac), and allows you to not only see, but also hear your pet while you’re not at home, and the quality will depend on what’s your web camera like. All in all, this is kind of like a baby monitor for your dog, well, it can be used for that purpose.

Pet First Aid - Red Cross

The Pet First Aid application is really useful, as it gives you veterinary advice, and considering this is an app, you carry it basically everywhere with you (as it is installed on your phone). The design of this application is quite compelling, which makes it quite enjoyable to use, and there are tons of useful info here. The app also allows you to locate the nearest emergency vet hospital and pet-friendly hotels, if that’s something you need at the time, while there’s also some video content here for you to check out.

ASPCA – Emergency Pet Safety

The ASPCA app is kind of similar to the Pet First Aid application, as it also contains useful information on what to do if something goes wrong with your pet, including a number of life-saving tips. This app also allows you to make a lost pet flyer, just in case your dog gets lost or something similar to that, and you can instantly share it on social media networks from the app as well. This app also looks really nice, the design is spot on.

Rover Dog Boarding & Walking

Rover Dog Boarding & Walking is yet another nicely designed application on this list, as you can see. This app allows dog owners to find someone to walk their dogs, and also allows you to track down dog day care. This is the largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers in the world, at least according to the developer. If you’re looking for such a service, try out Rover, the app has been getting relatively good reviews.

PetCoach - Ask a vet for free

PetCoach is a very useful application, as it offers you free veterinary advice. Now, unlike some other apps on this list, this app offers you real time advice, which means you can ask a vet for help, and he / she will respond to you. The best of all, this application is free, so you’re basically getting advice from certified people and don’t have to pay in order to get it, which can be quite handy, of course. This app packs in tons of other features as well, click on the Google Play banner down below if you’d like to know more.


Have you ever wondered if your dog is supposed to eat a specific vegetable or meat perhaps? Well, with some help from iKibble, you don’t have to wonder any longer. This application contains tons of info regarding dog nutrition, you basically choose a fruit, vegetable, meat type… or some other type of food, and the app will let you know how healthy it is for your dog, and give you plenty of additional info.

DogVacay - Boarding & Sitting

This application is actually quite similar to the Rover app we talked about earlier. It basically lets you find a place for your dog while you’re away and unable to take care of the pooch. The app is well-designed, and it contains plenty of info about possible dog sitters. You can book a sitter and pay him / her over your phone, on top of everything, you’ll get daily photo updates from the sitter you’ve hired.

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