Top 10: Best Apps for the 2016 MLB World Series


Currently, the playoffs are in full swing in the baseball world, with the divisional series being just about over, and the ALCS and NLCS getting ready to start in a few days. Then we'll be off to the World Series. And here are some great apps to use to keep up on the World Series, and even watch it. At Bat



Probably the best app to use to keep up with the World Series and even the ALCS and NLCS leading up to the World Series. At Bat will allow you to keep up with what is going on, but also allow you to watch the game. Which can come in quite handy when you're not at home, but have to watch the game.




You'll be able to watch some games, but not all of them on WatchESPN, which makes it a great app to use still. Especially since you can login with your cable or satellite provider and get access to whatever ESPN happens to be streaming. That will definitely come in clutch with the playoffs starting, and the NBA and NHL seasons getting under way as well.

CBS Sports



With CBS Sports, you'll be able to keep up with all of the action in the baseball world throughout the playoffs. This includes keeping up with the scores, stats and even highlights from every single game. Unfortunately, they won't be live streaming any of the games, as other networks have the exclusivity on that.




Another one of the best sports apps out there is theScore. This app will provide you with all of the stats, scores, highlights, news about every single sport that is out there. It's not limited to just Baseball or the MLB either. So if you're not going to be watching the game, this is the next best app to use to keep up with what's happening. Franchise MVP



What's better than watching the World Series? That would be playing in the World Series. And you can do just that with Franchise MVP. Create your own character and play your way from the minor leagues up to the major leagues and then lead your team through the playoffs and into the World Series.

9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball



With 9 Innings, you can also play baseball, maybe not make it to the World Series, but you can play and become one of the best to ever step foot on the diamond. This is a completely free game, and has all kinds of fun modes included. It also includes all of the current major league players.




In TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2016 you'll be able to play as your favorite team, and perhaps take them to the World Series. This game has some pretty impressive graphics, and amazing gameplay. As long as you have a smartphone that is capable of displaying high-end graphics, you should have a pretty amazing time with this game.

FOX Sports GO


This is a good app to checkout for many sports, outside of the MLB. FOX Sports has the rights to broadcast many local team games, so you'll be able to watch all of your favorite teams on this app, without needing to be in front of a TV. Of course, you will need to login with your cable or satellite provider to be able to use the app.

TuneIn Radio – Radio & Music


Can't catch the World Series, and don't want to waste your data streaming the video? That's cool. TuneIn has you covered, as you'll be able to listen to the radio broadcast of the game through your phone with this app. You'll still be streaming the game, but audio streaming is much less data intensive compared to video streaming.



If you're a Comcast customer, you'll be able to stream the World Series and just about anything else on TV, using the XFINITY TV app. Of course, this should go without saying, but you will need to login to your Comcast account to be able to stream whatever is currently on TV. The app also provides all sorts of On Demand content as well.