Top 10: Best Apps for the 2016-17 NBA Season


The 2016-17 NBA Preseason is already underway, with many rookies seeing some quality time on the court, ahead of the regular season, which starts this month. Now, what apps should you use to keep up with your favorite team(s) during the 82-game regular season and into the playoffs? Well there are plenty of them, but here are ten of the best currently available on the Play Store.




Of course, the NBA’s own app would make this list. The NBA app allows you to keep up with everything happening in the NBA. It’ll also allow you to vote for this year’s All-Stars (of course that doesn’t open up for a little while). On top of that, you’ll be able to watch games live in the app, that does need a login with your cable or satellite provider, however.

NBA for Android TV



If you own an Android TV unit, then this is definitely a must-have for the upcoming season. It’ll allow you to watch your favorite games on the big screen, without needing to subscribe to a cable or satellite provider. You’ll just need to subscribe to NBA TV. It also provides a much higher-definition picture, as opposed to what you’d get from your cable or satellite provider. Making it feel like you are actually at the game.

NBA 2K17



Who doesn’t want to play a little NBA 2K throughout the basketball season? The latest installment in the series is now available, and on Android. It does cost you $7.99, so it’s definitely not a cheap game, but it is a whole lot of fun. And as long as you have a modern Android device with decent specs, you’ll be able to witness the pretty amazing graphics that are part of the game.




Here’s another great game that is amazing to play during the NBA season, it’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s NBA JAM. Brought to you by EA Sports, so unfortunately it will cost you $4.99 to buy the game, and then there are a slew of in-app purchases. But it is definitely worth it. This time around, EA Sports has updated the graphics and gameplay, and it’s pretty amazing to play.

theScore: Sports Scores & News



This is a great app to use to keep up with everything in the world of the NBA, as well as other sports. theScore brings you the latest scores, news, highlights and so much more in regards to the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and just about any other sport that’s out there. Allowing you to keep up with what’s going on with your team, while you’re not able to watch the game.




Probably the best place to keep up with the NBA or really any sport, is ESPN. They are the global leader for sports for a reason. Their app will allow you to keep up with your favorite team(s) and player(s) without having to keep your eyes glued to the TV or having to search multiple websites for news.




ESPN will have a number of NBA games on its network throughout the season, and if you’re not home to watch them, you can still see them on your phone or tablet. Using the WatchESPN app, you can watch just about anything that the ESPN network is broadcasting. This includes the latest NBA games. Of course, you will need to login via your cable or satellite provider.

CBS Sports


CBS Sports is another great app to use to keep up with all things NBA and other sports. This app will allow you to keep up with all of the teams that you love, or maybe dislike. It’ll provide you with scores, stats, highlights and so much more. Definitely an important app to have, especially as the season comes to a close and the playoffs are in sight.

Bleacher Report: Team Stream


Only want news for a specific team? That is possible with the new Team Stream app from Bleacher Report. It allows you to set your favorite teams and it’ll only show you the news about those teams. This includes showing you scores, stats and highlights as well for those teams.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball


2K isn’t for everyone, and that’s why we have NBA LIVE, which is also available for Android. This game is actually free, but does have in-app purchases, starting at $0.99. But in NBA LIVE you’ll be able to take your favorite team and lead them to the NBA Finals to become the NBA Champs. You can also become a player and be the league’s MVP.