Top 10 Best – Halloween Apps for Android – 2016

Halloween Top 10 Apps AH 1

With October coming to an end, it is that time of the year when everything gets a little spookier, Halloween. As such it is that time of the year when you have to figure out what you will be doing during the big night. Will you be out trick or treating, at a Halloween party, or just tucked up safe and sound at home. Whatever you do have planned for All Hallows’ Eve, there are a number of Android apps that can help to ensure your smartphone is part of the Halloween festivities. Here are ten of the best Android apps for Halloween 2016.

Free Scary Halloween Ringtones



One way to ensure that your smartphone is ready for Halloween is to Halloween up your ringtone. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that are ready to help you do this. Free Scary Halloween Ringtones is one of them and the name pretty much says it all. On offer is a selection of free ringtones that are designed to add some spookiness to your smartphone. The app includes 45 different ringtones in general and these can be set to be any of your sounds including your ringtone, your notifications or even your alarm… in case you want a spooky wake up on the big day.

AppLock Theme Halloween



If you are planning on heading out to a social event during Halloween then AppLock Theme Halloween might be worth checking out. This is an ‘app lock’ app and as such, allows you to lock certain apps on your smartphone to stop other people from being able to gain access to those apps or their content. Best of all, the applock is Halloween themed so anyone who does try to check out your apps will have to know your pumpkin pattern to gain access.

Halloween Photo Frame



If you are at a social event during Halloween then it seems a given that you will have photos of the event. If that is likely to be the case then Halloween Photo Frame is a good app to add a few Halloween touches to your images. While your smartphone will capture your Halloween pictures, Halloween Photo Frame will help you frame those photos with a Halloween theme. It’s a Perfect way to create a few unique looking and memorable Halloween 2016 images.

Kids Colouring Book Halloween



If you are looking for an app to keep the kids occupied over the Halloween period then Kids Coloring Book Halloween is worth considering. This is basically a digital coloring book in app form and does include upwards of 50 spooky drawings for the kids to color in. Nothing too taxing and something that will keep them busy in between the trick or treat door knocking.




If you need something to keep the older children busy (or yourself) then Gun Zombie: Halloween is certainly going to do that. This is a themed-addition to the popular Gun Zombie game and includes plenty of Halloween aspects for the occasion. In addition to the standard Gun Zombie action you can expect to find special Halloween-themed bosses and monsters across 150 different stages. Halloween does not always have to be about the monsters getting you as this is your chance to get them first.

Halloween Live Wallpaper



For those just looking for a way to add some more Halloween spice to their smartphone, Halloween Live Wallpaper is a good option. This is a live wallpaper so you can expect quite an active wallpaper. With this one being Halloween-themed, it is full of jack-o’-lanterns and one of the main aspects of the live wallpaper is the bring lights of the jack-o’-lanterns, along with some less-than-usual Halloween sounds for that added spooky touch.

Halloween Night Theme


Applying a spooky wallpaper is one thing, but if you do want to go all out then a completely new theme is in order and Halloween Night Theme is likely to be just the ticket. This one will not only spookify your wallpaper, but will bring a touch of Halloween to your entire phone with sounds, icons, your lock screen and everything else taking on a very clear Halloween feel.

Halloween Keyboard Theme


Of course, you can always just apply a new theme to just your keyboard to ensure all your ‘Happy Halloween’ messages come with a Halloween feel. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then Halloween Keyboard Theme is one of the apps worth checking out. Unlike some of the other keyboard apps, this one does not require you to be running a certain keyboard or app to make use of the theme. Simply install the app, activate the theme and start typing your spooky Halloween messages.

Halloween Food Ideas


If you are someone who is planning on hosting (or attending) a Halloween party then what better way to add some spooky flavor to the party with your very own homemade Halloween treats. Whether you are new to cooking or a seasoned pro, Halloween Food Ideas is a great app to get the juices flowing and help you come up with some novel and creative ways to spookify your Halloween food treats.



Closing out the list today is an app which is not really a Halloween-themed app. However, it is likely to be an app many people will be using on Halloween night. If you are not planning on attending any major Halloween parties or events and would rather stay in, then what better way to enjoy the festivities with a Halloween movie marathon and what better way to get the movie marathon started than with Netflix.