Tile Unveils Even-Smaller Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker


With the smart home now becoming a very real reality, it's no wonder that the average user is looking to spend some more of their money on connected gadgets, and Tile have been producing Bluetooth trackers that people can attach to their keys, keep inside of their wallet and then find using the Bluetooth connection and an Android app. Not too long ago, Tile released the Tile Slim, and now they're following this up with the Tile Mate, an even-smaller Bluetooth tracker. With this new release, Tile complete their holiday lineup, now offering two new and improved trackers to users that didn't quite find the original Tile was all what it was cut out to be. The big news here would be that the Tile Mate is just $25.

The firm have also made some adjustments to the overall fit and finish of the Tile Mate, thanks to a little help from Yves Behar's Fuseproject. Just like the original Tile and Tile Slim, the Title Mate can be attached to all manner of items and then connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the Tile app can then be used to help locate whatever it is you've attached your Bluetooth trackers to. These are being sold in single packs as well as in bundles, and the company is so confident about the new, smaller form factor that they're selling special adhesive stickers to allow you to place the Tile Mate on practically anything that has the room for it. At $25, the Tile Mate is nice and cheap, and a four pack is just $100 right now, making it fairly straightforward to put together a whole bunch of these little devices to make sure you never lose the remote again, or at the very least not have to ask someone to get off of the couch.

The Tile Mate is available right now from Tile's website as well as participating retailers and will no doubt reach Amazon in due course, too .For those unfamiliar with the Tile lineup, they now offer the Tile Slim and the Tile Mate, with the former being perfect to place in your wallet or your bag, and the latter great for attaching to a set of keys or other smaller object you might be prone to losing.

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