T-Mobile Q3 2016: 2 Million Net Adds & 1.32% Churn


It's time for the various third quarter earnings calls, and T-Mobile has put out a glowing report that highlights another very good quarter in what has thus far been a very good year for them, despite controversies over net neutrality and butting heads with the FCC. In a year that has so far been punctuated by the launch of T-Mobile Tuesdays and an insane amount of network capital expenditure, the Un-Carrier has managed to outdo themselves for their third quarter earnings call with a stellar 2 million net adds, among other overwhelmingly positive figures. Top-ranking LTE speeds ensure that this quarter also continue's T-Mobile's record of stellar speed scores for 11 consecutive quarters now.

Among the aforementioned 2 million net adds, T-Mobile managed to score 851,000 postpaid net adds, making them the leader in this highly sought-after category for the 11th straight quarter. They pulled down 684,000 net adds on the prepaid side of things. Their total postpaid churn for the quarter was 1.32%, down a bit year-on-year. The stellar prepaid number was actually the 2nd best quarter for prepaid net adds that the company has ever had. This also marks the 14th quarter in a row that T-Mobile has managed to score 1 million or more total net adds.

Financially, things are looking pretty good for Magenta, as well. They posted $9.2 billion in total revenue for this quarter, up 17.8% year on year. Service revenue, meanwhile, is up 13.2% year on year and is sitting pretty at $7.1 billion. This makes T-Mobile the industry leader in service revenue growth for the tenth straight quarter. Their fairly impressive $366 million net income figure is up a whopping 165% year-on-year, with $122 million of that being in spectrum gains. Their adjusted EBITDA, or earnings before taxes, interest and depreciation, is up 37.8% year-on-year at $2.6 billion for the quarter. This whole thing puts their cumulative earnings per share at a pretty decent 42 cents, which is up 27 cents year-on-year. Analysts have picked up on the growth pattern, and the outlooks for T-Mobile's future net adds, EBITDA, and capital expenditures are all a bit higher, and in a narrower spectrum than before the quarterly report came out. CEO John Legere summed up the phenomenal quarter, saying, "The Un-carrier is delivering…"

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