SwiftKey Beta Adds Incognito Mode And More


One of the greatest strengths of Android is its flexibility. Unlike other mobile operating systems, Android offers an excellent level of customization so that each user can tailor their device to their own needs. This includes aspects of the user interface such as home screen launchers, default web browsers, and keyboards, all of which can be chosen by the user to suit their liking. One of the most popular third-party keyboards available for Android is SwiftKey, and it packs an impressive number of intuitive features to make it more useful, attractive, and smarter than the default keyboard, such as themes and multiple word prediction. Now, the beta version of SwiftKey is adding even more features that will allow users to further customize their experience.

This new update brings support for Google's latest version of Android, Android 7.0 Nougat. SwiftKey Beta has also added an Incognito Mode, which is a mode that maintains user privacy by not learning what's being typed while the mode is activated. The keyboard also changes colors while in Incognito Mode to give the user a visual queue that it has been activated. Text Shortcut adds the ability to create shortcut text that can be stored and easily retrieved later, which should save some time when users want to type something that they type frequently. The keyboard also now includes an option to switch to Latin input when a password or email field is highlighted. Most of the other modifications to the app are focused on fixing bugs and improving stability.

SwiftKey has come a long way since its inception and remains one of the most intuitive and full-featured third-party keyboards available for Android. The update to SwiftKey Beta carries the version number of 6.4.5. It should be noted that as with any beta software, this version of the app may not offer the same level of stability as the standard version, and users may encounter a few issues from time to time. With that said, if you'd like to give the new features a try, follow the Google Play Store link below to install it on your device.


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