Sprint & Best Buy Stop Selling The Samsung Galaxy Note 7


It had seemed as though the Galaxy Note 7 drama was finally drawing to a close for Samsung. The smartphone had encountered some unfortunate issues during its first run where the battery seemed to prove problematic with a number of reports coming through detailing that Galaxy Note 7s were either catching fire, exploding or both. However, Samsung did seem to be acting fairly quickly and Galaxy Note 7 owners were receiving replacement smartphones with batteries which were considered safe.

Since then however, new reports have started to come through detailing similar issues with the replacement batches to the recalled batches. Namely, problems with their batteries which have led to reports of smoking and again, catching fire. This in turn has led to a number of announcements over the last couple of days from the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile confirming that they are suspending sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and in some cases, suspending replacements of the Galaxy Note 7 for the newer models. Now it seems that Sprint and Best Buy can also be added to that list.

Both Sprint and Best Buy have now confirmed to The Verge that they have suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7. Sprint seems to be confirming that their suspension is until a full investigation has been completed, while Best Buy has yet to provide details on whether they will be reselling the Note 7 at a future point. Although both Sprint and Best Buy have confirmed that current Galaxy Note 7 owners can visit any of their stores to arrange a replacement for another non-Note 7 device, Samsung or otherwise.


The inclusion of Sprint and Best Buy largely means that most, if not all, of the major avenues of purchasing a smartphone in the US have now suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 completely. Which while not an ideal situation for Samsung, is one which is in the interest of public safety. So as has been said time and time again over the last few days (and weeks), if you do own a Galaxy Note 7, regardless of carrier or store bought, it would be a good idea to return the smartphone and exchange it for something else.

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