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Real Pool 3D is an Android game that has all kinds of options available for players, including 8 Ball, 9 Ball and UK 8 Ball (often referred to as Blackball). All of these games are in full 3D and there are 10 table colors as well as 10 different table patterns, different cues and more. Players can choose to play against the AI, which has three different difficulties, or choose to pass and play with a nearby human, be them friend or foe. Players can choose from three different control schemes, there's a way to change the spin on the ball, and the entire game is rendered in stunning 3D with lots of realistic physics to boot. So, let's take a closer look.

Just like other games, players just need to download Real Pool 3D Free from the Play Store and then load it up to get started. The main menu will give players a number of different game modes to choose from.



Choosing any of these will ask players to choose to play against the computer and choose their difficulty, or create a name for the players and then pass it back and forth between real players.


Players can not only name and choose a different avatar for their players, but they can also choose a different style of cue for their player, something that I really appreciated as someone who has loved the same pool cue for years.



Playing Real Pool 3D is pretty easy as well, don't let the fancy 3D graphics put you off. The game does a good job of letting players know how to actually go about playing the game, and the controls are all nice and smooth, too.



There are guides to play with here as well, which are a common feature in a lot of pool games, but it's nice to see them worked in so well here. As we take a closer look at the overall graphics of the game, it's pretty clear that this is a very, very good-looking game.




There's a nice reflective sheen to the balls, something that players who have seen well-cleaned pool balls in life will no doubt enjoy, I know I did.


While the graphics are good, there are a number of different table options and colors that people can choose from, to further tailor the experience to their liking. While the purist players out there might not appreciate this, the younger players most certainly will.



Players can choose how much English, or spin, they put on the ball, and there are all kinds of things that players can do in Real Pool 3D that they would do around the table, which is nice to see in a game. While Real Pool 3D is an accessible game, and one that will appeal to all ages, it's also something that has a more precise feel to it, and will appeal to players looking for a more realistic Pool game to play on the move.



The game even offers up some pretty detailed and easy to understand rules for all of the different games that players can enjoy with Real Pool 3D. I enjoyed this quite a bit, and younger players or those looking to get started with pool games for the first time.


There's a little something extra involved here for players looking fora  new way to play, too, as Real Pool 3D offers up Matrix Mode, a fun and challenging new way to play pool. This mode uses math to determine your score, as each ball and the number for that ball determines the score you end up with.



Thankfully, this is explained in the rules, which again do an excellent job of explaining things to people, and are a real joy to see, too.


Players will need to do some tough thinking when playing Matrix Mode, as it forces the player to think of their next move quite carefully, even more so than in 9 Ball. Overall, this is a nice addition to the game, and almost turns things into a game of Chess of sorts.


As someone who has spent a lot of time playing pool games throughout the years, as well as played in teams in the past, I have to say that I really enjoyed Real Pool 3D. A lot of these games can either be too precise, or too much of an arcade feel. Here, Real Pool 3D strikes the right balance between the both, with realistic physics and excellent graphics, but a choice of some simple, and easily-understood control methods that will appeal to everyone. The inclusion of 8 and 9 ball versions of the game is a crucial one, and the Matrix Mode is a fun and new way to play pool on the move, adding in the sort of concentration and precision that you might associate with snooker or chess. Real Pool 3D is a lot of fun to play, and it makes the humble game of pool a hell of a lot more fun to play on a smartphone or tablet than many other games in the Play Store do.


  • Speed (4/5) – Real Pool 3D runs fine on modern hardware, and the pacing of the game is not only believable but accessible for players of all ages.
  • Theme (5/5) – There's no fooling the overall look and feel of this, as it has to be one of the best-looking pool games available on Android, regardless of file size or resolution, this looks good no matter what.
  • Features (4/5) – The gameplay here is solid, and while it will feel similar to other pool games in the Play Store, the introduction of the Matrix Mode certainly gives users something else to sink their teeth into.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid pool game that punches above its weight, Real Pool 3D is well worth giving a try, especially if you're in the market for something that not only looks a lot more realistic, but also behaves more realistically, too.


  • Excellent graphics that not only have detailed 3D models, but are also lit wonderfully and react well.
  • Allows users to customize the overall look and feel with different tables and cloths, as well as different cues, too.
  • Realistic physics give the balls a realistic behavior and make the game seem a lot more realistic than other titles in the Play Store.
  • Matrix Mode adds a whole new layer of strategy and pacing to the game of pool, giving players something new to master.


  • Might not offer some pool players the wide selection of billiards games that other games on Android do.
  • Addition of Snooker would help complete the package for most users.

Overall, Real pool 3D is a game that has a hell of a lot going for it, and pool fans – as well as those that don't play much – will find a lot to enjoy, from the inclusion of the new Matrix Mode to the realistic graphics and ball behavior. Controls are good, and users have a number of different schemes to choose from if they don't like the default one, but no matter what, Real Pool 3D is a game that strikes the right balance between overall features and overall playability.

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