Sponsored Game Review: Help!! Zombies Halloween


Help!! Zombies Halloween is a single-player endless runner game for Android that puts you in the shoes of a Zombie Apocalypse survivor. Players are tasked with continuously running away from Zombies and dodging obstacles in five different procedurally generated levels in which players will have to knock down Flamingos, collect coins and above all else, keep on running! Coins can be used to purchase different characters and the further a player gets, the trickier the challenge becomes and the more the world falls apart around you. Great for celebrating Halloween, Help!! Zombies Halloween is a fun game for players of all ages that's not too gruesome, has friendly, blocky graphics and doesn't take too long to get to grips with.

Players looking for a fun, lighthearted and addictive game this Halloween can go ahead and download Help!! Zombies Halloween from the Play Store. It's a completely free game to download and play, but there are ads offered to users in order to gain more coins and of course give the developer some cash as well. When players first launch the game, all they need to do is tap to play.



Help!! Zombies Halloween does a really good job of letting people know how to play the game, of course, these controls are all pretty straightforward so there's not going to much of a learning curve here at all.


When playing, all players really need to do is keep moving. This is, of course, easier said than done. The way that the character changes direction as well as jumps over obstacles has a certain amount of weight to it, and players will need to make sure they don't over-compensate for this or take too long when changing direction with a Zombie on their tail.



Every now and then, the game will mix things up, and put forward some changes in gameplay or just put up some sort of news broadcast. One strange and fun addition to the gameplay is the inclusion of flamingos. It's not just flamingos however, as there are tasks to launch rockets, collect water bottles – essential in a Zombie situation such as this – and many more to discover. Here, players will need to go ahead and knock them down in order to complete challenges and earn more rewards.



Should you not make it out alive, and be taken down by a Zombie, the now-familiar "wasted" meme will play, and as someone who has played the GTA games as well spent their fair share of time on Imgur, this made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it.


A freeze frame and a score is provided to players that didn't quite make it out of the Zombie apocalypse in one piece, and while it's difficult not to draw comparisons between this and Crossy Road, it's clear that Help!! Zombies Halloween is most certainly its own game.



Reward chests are often given to players at the end of a level, and in conjunction with the coins that they've collected throughout the levels, can be used to unlock different characters.



The character selection is a strong part of the app here, and players will find a lot to love about the selection of characters. There are over 50 different characters on offer, and more of them are always in the works, too. Choosing a random character is the most affordable way of collecting them all, and just as people like to buy blind figures in real life, they'll enjoy seeing which character they've unlocked.


The selection of characters on offer here is strong, and there's no denying that there's a little something here for everyone, and collecting them all is no doubt going to be part of the fun for a lot of players, just as it is in Crossy Road and other such games. Players will be able to add to their characters with power-ups such as slow motion, dash, invisibility and there are more in the works, too.



The different levels change as well, with each of them having a day and night theme to them, as well as a procedurally generated layout, which makes each level feel a little different each and every time you jump into the game.



It might be easy to write off Help!! Zombies Halloween as a sort of Halloween edition of Crossy Road, but the game is certainly a lot more than that. For one, there's not endless amounts of traffic and the game world is experienced in 3D space, which is something the vast majority of endless runner games don't do. This is great fun, and being able to move in 3D space to fool the Zombies chasing you, as well as jumping over obstacles gives players a real sense of achievement when they outsmart the undead. Graphically, things look good here, and the overall theme is a familiar, yet endearing one. As Zombie games go, Help!! Zombies Halloween is light on the cheese, heavy on the fun and is no doubt going to please fans of Crossy Road as well as Zombie fans looking for something a little more lighthearted.


  • Speed (4/5) – Help!! Zombies Halloween runs just fine and will do on the majority of hardware out there. It's well-paced and accessible, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall look and feel here is good, with a lot of people drawing similarties with other games, but appreciating the lighthearted approach to a Zombie apocalypse.
  • Features (4/5) – Gameplay is good fun, and being able to move around in 3D space is not only original, but also something that will appeal to endless runner fans looking for something fresh.
  • Overall (4/5) – Everything in Help!! Zombies Halloween runs well, and it's good fun, all the while being accessible and well worth picking up, regardless of whether or not it's Halloween when you're reading this.


  • Quality endless runner gameplay, without being too samey or similar to other games out there.
  • Good-looking graphics that will feel familiar to users, all the while offering some quality exploration in 3D space.
  • Gives players a lot of different characters to collect throughout their journeys through the apocalypse.
  • Doesn't ask much of players that are looking for something simple yet fun to play this Halloween.


  • Individual prices for the characters could be considered pricey.
  • Some way to attack to bump away the odd Zombie here and there would be a nice addition.

Help!! Zombies Halloween is a game that's well worth looking into, regardless of whether or not it's Halloween when reading this. It's a great Zombie game that offers fresh endless runner gameplay that players just won't get elsewhere. The 3D space and 3D graphics all work wonderfully together, and there's enough features on offer here to make this a classic Zombie game.