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MOODIFY is an Android app that offers users over 300 different sounds to help them relax, focus, unwind, chill out or whatever else they need some ambient noise to do the right way. There are countless sound effects and ambient noises that range from the usual rolling waves and night time ambience to more specific options that users can mix and match to relax, chill out and unwind to at the end of a long day, when going to sleep, reading a book or even working out. Instrumental sounds, brain wave sounds, and many more styles are all neatly categorized. On top of all that, the premium version of MOODIFY also comes with Relax Radio, a mix of 185 different channels that play loops and mixes of these individual sounds for your relaxation or focusing pleasure.

For those looking to get their hands on this fully-featured relaxation jukebox, they just need to download MOODIFY from the Play Store. The premium version of the app is not free, and is the one that we've been looking at, as it contains all of the sounds and radio stations to listen to. There is also a free version available which has 188 of the 300+ sounds and 12 radio stations to listen to, which can be downloaded here.



A short little introduction will let users know how to use the app, as well as set the scene for a relaxing experience when using the app. The categories are vast and offer oodles of choice to help users narrow down what they want to listen to.


Whenever you choose a certain category, you'll see a vast selection of individual sounds, you can go ahead and choose these to play whenever you want, but some of them will need to be downloaded. It's perhaps a little disappointing to see that not all of the sounds here are included,  but then that would make the initial download from the store a little on the larger side and this method makes it easy for the developer to continually add more sounds, extending the value of the one-off price.



This is really where the majority of the app's value can be found, and while there's no arguing with the overall selection of quality sounds – they all sound really good – that are on offer here, the overall look and feel of the app could be improved. For an app that's designed to be calming and soothing, the interface does feel dated. Of course, once you choose from your favorite sounds and close your eyes, you won't be too bothered by the interface.



The background image does change a little when you go from category to another, but these images could be clearer.


Those that are looking to use MOODIFY to fall asleep peacefully will be happy to see that there's an included sleep timer in MOODIFY, which makes it nice and easy to fall asleep but then not be woken up by continuous noises or color your sleep with the sounds.



Even though there is a sleep timer there's no way to set a specific time. Given that a lot of users have some sort of fitness tracker with sleep, they might want to put in the average time it takes them to fall asleep according to their wearable, not just pick from a pre-determined list of times. Another key feature of MOODIFY is of course the radio offerings, which gives users a number of options to listen to some relaxing sounds from all over the web. These are, again, broken up into simple categories.



The radio side of things will appeal to more casual users, as it takes out the middleman of hunting down your favorite sounds, and just puts something soothing on. If this weren't enough, MOODIFY also comes with brain wave sounds as well, which are proven to relax, excite or calm down your mood.


After taking a look at all the different content that MOODIFY has to offer, it's easy to see why there will be a lot of users out there that will be looking forward to giving this a try. After all, the fact that there are over 300 different sounds and over 185 different relaxing radio stations to listen to is a big plus point regardless of anything else. The overall look and feel of the app feels dated and could do with being a little softer and cleaner. Of course, the real value of the app is in all of the different sounds that it has on offer. There are so many different styles of sounds in the MOODIFY catalog that it can be difficult to even list them, which is a great plus point, rather than a negative, naturally. The radio side of things is great to see as well, and will be more relateable to casual users that have never used something like this before, and the app is nice and easy to use.



  • Speed (4/5) – Everything here in MOODIFY runs nice and smoothly, and there's a lot to love about how quick and easy it is to simply load up the app and start playing your favorite ambient sounds or radio.
  • Theme (3/5) – The overall look and feel here leaves a lot to be desired, it looks and feels dated and it's nowhere near as calming or easy on the eye as it ought to be. Despite this, it is still fairly easy to use.
  • Features (4/5) – While the interface is not as good-looking as it ought to be, there's no arguing with the overall package that's on offer here, and with such a wide variety of sounds and radio stations, this is something that will appeal to a lot of users out there.
  • Overall (4/5) – The real value in MOODIFY is absolutely the wide selection of sounds that it has on offer, and for that reason along this is worth recommending to thsoe tha ant some ambience in their life, but it does need to improve the interface.


  • Lots and lots of different ambient sounds on offer, coming to over 300 in total.
  • Nice and easy to use without asking users to jump through hoops, it takes no time at all to get the right sounds playing.
  • Sleep timer allows users to fall asleep in peace, without being kept awake by the sounds of coloring their sleep.
  • Relaxed Radio works like a treat, all the while offering lots of different genres for fans.


  • User interface is dated and doesn't feel welcoming or soothing.
  • Some might consider this a little expensive, but there is a free option available.

Overall, MOODIFY has a lot to offer users, and there's something for everyone here, but it's definitely aimed at those that have used these sorts of apps before. With that said, there's a wide, wide selection of ambient sounds, brain wave sounds as well as the different radio stations. All of this comes together to offer users that need to relax, focus or just unwind at the end of the day a wide selection of sounds to do just that with.

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