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TicketListers is an Android app that aims to make it as easy as possible to find and place an order for tickets for upcoming shows and sports throughout the US, as well as popular events all around the world. The TicketListers Android app is very similar to the website side of the business, which has been delivering 100% satisfaction for customers for a long time now.  With no added service fees to tickets upon checkout the ticket price you see is the ticket price you pay, instead of discounting tickets and adding in a service fee TicketListers only shows you the ticket price you'll pay upon checkout. TicketListers lists tickets for all kinds of events all over the world, including music concerts, sporting events, theater tickets and a whole lot more. Everything is filtered by date, location, price or just the keyword itself making it super-easy to find exactly what and when you're looking for. With tickets available for even sold out shows, TicketListers appears to be the best bet to make sure that you get the tickets you want, to make sure you don't miss out on your favorite shows.

As with most other Android apps, users just need to download TicketListers from the Play Store, and when they launch the app they'll be shown the front page of the app.



While the front page of TicketListers might not appear to be all that fancy in appearance, it matches up 100% with the front page of the website, which gives users a consistent look and feel throughout their dealings with the company. Something that can't be overestimated. To find an event near you, all you need to do is search for something. Users can search for events using a city name, a date or the name of the act or tour, venue, performer or team.


My favorite band Jimmy Eat World has just released a new album and have gone on tour, so I'd like to go see them in concert. To do that with TicketListers, I just have to search, and then choose from one of the venues or dates on offer.



No matter what the event, or where, if it has different seating options available, you can go ahead and choose which section you want to sit in. Here, I've gone ahead and chosen a Jimmy Eat World venue and I've been given the option to look at the map of the venue. While not all events allow for chosen seating most venues will also offer an image of the view from that seat.




Music and sporting events aren't the only things that TicketListers has on offer of course, as the app and website have listings for all kinds of things, including the theater. All the different categories have a most popular section, and unsurprisingly, Hamilton is one of the biggest shows right now.



If you're the type of person or couple that know they want to go out and see a show, watch a sports match or whatever, but don't know what exactly, you can put in the name of a major town or city, regardless of whether or not it's in the US, and you'll be able to see listings for that area and although they specialize in US events, you will find listings for other events around the world.


While TicketListers says that there are no added service fees when you hit checkout, what they mean is that the ticket price is never changed from what you see being advertized, which is 100% true here. You will, however, be faced with a delivery fee on the tickets. This might not count as a surprise for some people, but delivery fees are certainly not advertized prior to heading to the checkout. So, if we take a look at these Jimmy Eat World tickets I lined up earlier, we can see that the ticket price is 100% the same as advertized earlier, but there's also an added delivery fee, which may or may not be perceived as a surprise by some users, but these fees are a lot less than the 20% or so that service fees can add on.




There are countless different solutions in the Play Store for getting affordable and quick tickets on your Android phone, and TicketListers is perhaps one of the better options. It does however, feel a little dated in its appearance and for a lot of people will remind them of nothing more than the mobile version of the website wrapped up into some sort of full-blown app. If that's something that bothers you, then TicketListers might not be the super-slick solution that many will be looking for. Either way, there's a lot that the app can offer users, thanks to the wide range of events that it has on offer covering all kinds of sports, the theater as well as music events and tours. Regardless of where these events are being held in the US or further afield, TicketListers can even get tickets for sold out shows.



  • Speed (4/5) – TicketListers is a speedy app, and finding as well as booking tickets to some of your favorite shows is really quite easy.
  • Theme (3/5) – While there's nothing exactly wrong with the overall look and feel of the TicketListers app, it could certainly be a little easier on the eye, and it feels very dated.
  • Features (4/5) – Never mind the look and feel, TicketListers is an app that gets the job done, and it does so without any fuss or hassle. It's easy to choose where you're sitting, and there's not much that users need to do in order to get their ideal event all sorted out.
  • Overall (4/5) – TicketListers is the sort of app that will appeal to those looking for a simple, easy-to-use solution that has reasonably priced tickets on offer, and that's exactly what they get.


  • Wide range of events covered, including all kinds of major sporting events, concerts as well as theater shows and a lot more.
  • Allows users to sort through events depending on the artist and act as well as depending on where in the world they are.
  • Makes choosing a seat or type of ticket a real breeze, depending on the event.
  • Doesn't ask much of the user at all, as it's all nice and easy to get the tickets that you want right to your door in no time.


  • Promises no-added service fee when you checkout, but does add a delivery charge to some orders.
  • Interface might appear dated to a lot of users expecting something more modern on their smartphone.

All-in-all, TicketListers is the sort of app that should appeal to those looking for a simple and efficient way of booking tickets online, and for those users, it does just that. It might not be the best-looking app out there, but they do offer a 200% guarantee that tickets are genuine and arrive on time and 100% refund for cancelled events. TicketListers is a completely free app that gets the job done and is super-easy to use on a smartphone or tablet, too.

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