Sony's Smartphone Games Are Reportedly More Than A Year Way

With the success of Nintendo's game offerings on mobile devices, it shouldn't be surprising to see that Sony wants to enter the market as well. Perhaps hoping to get in on the mobile platform success, Sony is said to be gearing up for a launch of smartphone games by 2018. While they technically had their hand in mobile games before Nintendo with their "PlayStation Mobile Inc." titles, such as CounterSpy, and Entwined just to name a couple, these new Sony games will be a bit different although it is noted that they will be based on popular Sony PlayStation franchises. It was not however mentioned which franchises these would be, but those who are fans of Sony's console hardware and games can likely take a few guesses at which ones might be making their way over to the mobile platform.

According to the report, Sony is planning to launch at least five games by sometime in "late March" of 2018, but the report also states that they will be targeted at the Japan and Asian markets, which suggests that these games may not make it to other global regions. Of course, these smaller targeted launch areas could also just be for a certain period of time as Nintendo did the same thing with both Miitomo and Pokémon GO.

Other than the amount of games and the target market, Sony's games are said to be going through ForwardWorks, which is the company that will be distributing the games to mobile. This is also the same company that Sony announced would be handling their mobile game distribution back in March of this year, which was during the same time that it was rumored they would be attempting mobile games again. It's also said that Sony plans to "revive" some old titles which aren't supported by the newer PlayStation hardware, which suggests that Sony will be launching mobile ports of actual console games at some point. Again, though, there was no mention of which older games these would be, so it's anyone's guess at the moment, especially considering how far out the predicted launch time frame is. The good news for those that are interested in games from Sony on their mobile device, is that the company is rumored to be announcing the titles which they have in development before the end of this year, giving them time to continue working on and polishing these mobile games as they simultaneously build up hype for them with consumers.

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