Samsung To Limit Europe Galaxy Note 7 Batteries To Aid Recall


Samsung is currently in the process of handling an unprecedented second recall of Galaxy Note 7. While the South Korean tech giant is already dealing with a lot of trouble on the PR front, some customers also don't seem so keen on complying with the mandatory recall which makes matters even worse. Namely, Samsung's latest flagship does remain a portable fire concern and the fact that a lot of units are still out in the wild, poses a risk to both consumers and the world's largest smartphone maker.

Earlier today, the company reported that it has managed to recall two-thirds of Galaxy Note 7 units shipped in Europe. As for the remaining devices, Samsung is planning on replaying its battery throttling card introduced last month. So, if you're based in Europe and still haven't returned your Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung, you'll soon receive a mandatory over-the-air update which will limit your battery capacity to 60%. While there's still no proof that Galaxy Note 7 only catches fire and explodes when charged over a specific capacity, this update at least lowers that possibility seeing how it reduces the amount of heat generated while charging the device.

Regardless of this update, you should definitely return your Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung as soon as possible. The device has been officially recalled and for the safety of the owner. Those who do own a Galaxy Note 7 are still eligible for both a replacement phone and a refund. In other words, there's not a lot of reasons for you to want to hold on to your Galaxy Note 7 and it certainly isn't recommended to do so.


All in all, it seems that Samsung is doing all it can to prompt Galaxy Note 7 owners to return their devices as soon as possible, even if it's risking further harming the perception of the company. There's no doubt that some people still haven't returned their device because they're waiting for a replacement from someone other than Samsung but that obviously isn't reason enough to keep using a phone which has proved to be a cause for concern. While the wait goes on for Samsung to wrap up this second recall, we can only hope that the tech giant will figure out what went wrong with its latest flagship as shipping another faulty phone would certainly spell disastrous consequences for the company.

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