Samsung To Exchange Galaxy Note 7s At Some Canadian Airports

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fire Explode AH NS 10

The problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not going away. Although, the issue now is just that with the device but also with the returns procedure. Samsung had two chances to launch the Galaxy Note 7 and both ended in a recall. The first recall was in anticipation of a new and improved version of the device. The second recall is to clean the Galaxy Note 7 off the street and get them all back to Samsung for proper recycling. It is this second recall that is causing such issues with the public as many users do not want to relinquish their beloved Galaxy Note 7.

There were 39,000 Galaxy Note 7 devices distributed to Canada and reports are saying that 70-percent of them have been returned and that consumers had problems with four of them overheating. Since then, the Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from flying on an aircraft and it now seems as though Samsung has decided to set up kiosks at Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal airports in an effort to collect the remaining Note 7s. It cannot be more convenient as Samsung Canada will take your Note 7 onsite, and help owners get a loaner device and/or credit their account. If you are required to hand over your device, the airline representative should call Samsung at 1-855-747-6520.

As a recalled product, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act makes it mandatory that all Galaxy Note 7s and their replacements must be returned. There can be no redistribution of the device; sales of the Galaxy Note 7 are prohibited, as are any giveaways. Even with governmental orders to return the device, some people have the attitude that it won’t happen to them. There is no doubt, except for the ‘catching fire thing’ the Galaxy Note 7 was a beautiful device and one that is hard to give up for something which a consumer might consider to be lesser, even a Galaxy S7 Edge. There is just something about its size and the S-Pen that makes it a unique smartphone experience.


Samsung has tried everything to entice owners to trade their Note 7 in, especially for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Less than a week ago they offered a $100 CAD bill credit if they purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and they already were offering a $25 credit during the first recall, just for the inconvenience.