Samsung Reportedly Increasing Galaxy S7 Production

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The Galaxy Note 7 launch may not be the biggest disaster in the phone industry that ever happened, but it sure seems like that at the moment. After spending a month and quite a lot of money on manufacturing, distributing, and issuing replacement units of its latest phablet, Samsung realized that the root cause of the problem is much deeper than it originally thought. Namely, the second batch of Galaxy Note 7 phones proved to be just as faulty as the first one as numerous reports of “safe” units catching fire, melting, and exploding were still popping up all over the world. All in all, the entire situation is a mess and Samsung is still figuring out how to deal with an unprecedented second recall of its latest flagship.

As the recall process doesn’t only encompass handling of returned devices but also issuing refunds and replacements, Samsung is hoping that it can use the later to still recoup some lost Galaxy Note 7 sales and prevent the last quarter of the year from being a complete financial disaster, at least as far its mobile division is concerned. Not surprisingly, many customers who are still remaining loyal to Samsung despite this ordeal are opting to replace their faulty Galaxy Note 7 phones with the next best thing manufactured by the South Korean company – the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Released in early 2016, these two smartphones are still considered as some of the best Android devices ever manufactured and are definitely a viable alternative to the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung is well-aware of that fact, which is why it just increased the production volume of the Galaxy S7, Korea Herald reports. Of course, this isn’t just about having enough replacement devices for the existing Galaxy Note 7 owners; many people will be in the market for a new Android flagship by the end of the year and with its latest premium horse eliminated from the race, Samsung’s only choice is to ramp up the production of its predecessor and make sure all of its retail partners are well-stocked with Galaxy S7s by the time holiday season kicks in. In addition to that, sources from Korea also report that the tech giant has increased the production volume of its non-flagship devices. In other words, the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco probably won’t make a noticeable hole in Samsung’s shipment numbers for the last quarter of the year though it remains to be seen how well these devices actually sell after the company’s latest product landed a heavy blow to the entire Galaxy brand.