Samsung Refuses Gear VR Return From Galaxy Note 7 Owner

Samsung Gear VR Galaxy Note 7 AH 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released recently and was well positioned to become one of the most popular Android smartphones of the year. Unfortunately, it had a fatal flaw; the battery in many units was overheating when charged to the point that in some cases it actually caught on fire and exploded. Samsung acted quickly, asking users to return the defective devices and replacing the units free of charge, however, the issue continued even in some of the replaced devices. After repeated incidents of exploding batteries, the company took the only sensible course of action and discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 altogether.

Among many of the other impressive features the phablet had before its demise was the ability to be used in conjunction with Samsung’s Gear VR as a virtual reality headset. The Gear VR acts as a holder for a compatible Samsung device, including the Galaxy Note 7, and has some sensors of its own to improve the 360-degree head tracking functionality. Recently, a Redditor by the username of “agolightly”, who had owned a Galaxy Note 7, was unable to return a Gear VR, due to the fact that it can be used with another Samsung device. While it is somewhat understandable that Samsung, after a massive recall, would attempt to reduce their losses, this may present a problem for many customers, because after owning a device with such a dangerous issue, they may feel hesitant to purchase another Samsung device. Although the Gear VR is beyond its 30-day warranty, the user points out in their post that if Samsung had recalled the unit in a timely manner instead of replacing the device with another faulty unit, the 30-day return window would still be applicable.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to find an ideal solution that works well for both parties. If Samsung were to allow returns of all Gear VR units, their losses would increase even further, despite the fact that the units, which are not defective in themselves, can be used with other devices. On the other hand, those who purchased the Gear VR specifically for use with the Galaxy Note 7, and those who would prefer not to buy another Samsung product until the company has proven that they have a better handle on quality control, now have a VR headset that is of no use to them, and no way to be compensated for it. If you happen to be the unfortunate owner of a Galaxy Note 7 and a Gear VR headset, the best course of action if you don’t wish to use it with another Galaxy smartphone may be to try to regain some of the money you spent on it by selling it to an owner of another Galaxy device.