Samsung Opens Galaxy Note 7 Upgrade Offer in South Korea


The Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be a positive way of ending the year for Samsung, but as we all know now, things didn't quite work out like that. The South Korean firm had to recall the phone not once, but twice all over the world, and now the Galaxy Note 7 is no more. While there will be a handful of stores around the world looking to get rid of their stock, the Galaxy Note 7 has all but disappeared from shelves all over the world. Now, the industry and Samsung investors alike will be looking ahead to 2017, and the Galaxy S8, as well as perhaps a Galaxy Note 8.

If you thought that Samsung was a big deal in the United States, to say such a thing about their position in South Korea would be a massive understatement. The South Korean firm holds on to their home turf fiercely, and not only are they a household name, but they're a part of the very fabric of the South Korean landscape. As such, the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has been a massive blow for them in South Korea. Now, they're trying to make things right and have started their Galaxy Note 7 upgrade program. You might be wondering "what upgrade program" given that the phone is no longer on sale, but Samsung is offering those that purchased the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea will be able to purchase a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge at half price, and then upgrade to the Galaxy S8…or the Galaxy Note 8 free of charge, they will of course have to exchange their existing device, however. This is the sort of program that Samsung hopes will lock in more customers, as well as help repair their good name in South Korea.

Whether or not the firm will be opening up such a program in the United States or elsewhere remains to be seen, but South Korea is no doubt an absolute priority for the firm. While having to purchase a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge at half price might not sound great, but with a full refund of a Galaxy Note 7 under their belt, this might be too good an offer for some Samsung fans to resist.

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