Samsung India Issuing Refunds For Imported Galaxy Note 7's

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 09 1

About a week ago, Samsung announced that it will be discontinuing the production and sale of its flagship phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This came after numerous reports regarding Galaxy Note 7 units suddenly exploding started to emerge. Before that, the South Korean company launched the device in certain markets later than others, and when the first recall was announced, Samsung still had not put the device on sale in those markets. However, there are people in those markets who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 through grey importers or imported it themselves before the recall and the discontinuation of the device was announced. One such market is India, where the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, but never made it to shelves.

However, Samsung has not abandoned these customers, and the company has issued an official statement. The firm is set to offer refunds to Indian customers who imported the device, and the refund will reflect the Indian pricing of the device. The Galaxy Note 7 was launched in India for Rs. 59,900 ($897). This refund value will probably be significantly lesser than the price which was paid for an imported device, but obtaining any type of refund is still better than having a smartphone which may potentially explode out of nowhere and cause injuries or damage to property. According to FoneArena which contacted Samsung India, the electronics manufacturer has confirmed to FoneArena that it will be issuing refunds to customers who purchased imported Galaxy Note 7 units.

On top of that, customers can already head to their nearest Samsung outlet to request for a refund. So if you are a resident of India who purchased a Galaxy Note 7 from overseas, just head over to your nearest Samsung store or service center and simply request for a refund, and the representatives will assist you with it. You could also contact Samsung to find out how to go about it and to ensure a smoother refund process. It is not known whether Samsung is offering its Indian customers any sort of credit if they exchange their Galaxy Note 7 for a different Samsung device. This offer is being given to users in other markets including Canada, where the company is offering up to $100 credit.