Samsung: Galaxy S8 to Release On Schedule, Launch During MWC


Ever since the Galaxy Note 7 was officially discontinued, the rumor mill surrounding the upcoming Galaxy S8 started to kick in at a higher gear. For the last few weeks now, we've been hearing more about the upcoming Galaxy S8 than we normally would at this time of year, given that we're not even into November yet. It's not all surprising though, as Samsung is one of the biggest names in the mobile industry, and even though the Galaxy Note 7 was undeniably a failure for the company, the South Korean still has a lot to give. Rumors have yo-yoed back and forth between the Galaxy S8 being released early or being released late. Now, it looks like Samsung is speaking for themselves regarding the launch of the Galaxy S8.

According to a report from South Korean outlet, ETNews, Samsung themselves have stated that the Galaxy S8 is on track, and won't be released early or released late. A Samsung executive is quoted as saying "Currently we do not have any plans to release Galaxy S8 early". These reports are not uncommon out of South Korea, Samsung is of course an integral part of the country's fabric, and unnamed officials like this often end up being quoted by ETNews or some other South Korean outlet. This isn't to say that this latest report doesn't hold any weight, but more that it's possible this isn't 100 percent correct. The Galaxy S8 has probably been long in development at this point, with the target of February 26th 2017 for a launch event, during the week of Mobile World Congress, having been set a long time ago.

On top of this, it's said that the Blue Coral version of the Galaxy S7 Edge has been delayed, despite Samsung wanting key markets all over the world to get it "at the same time if possible, schedule for release dates of each country has changed due to current situation of supplies". The release date for the blue hue of the Galaxy S7 Edge was set as November 5th, and while missing this date might come as something of a blow for Samsung, the Galaxy S7 Edge doesn't have all that much prime shelf life left in it. Especially with the Galaxy S8 launching in February of next year.

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