Samsung Banding Together To Deal With Galaxy Note 7 Issues


Normally, when a huge launch is somehow messed up, be it through bad marketing, bad timing, or a bad product, somebody ends up either demoted or on the chopping block. The public figureheads in the company make a point of revealing exactly what went wrong, and how they plan to prevent it. With Samsung, however, they are taking a more unified approach. Samsung Mobile CEO Dong-jin Koh is bringing the company together to get through the Galaxy Note 7 recall fiasco and return to the high sales and profitability that they were enjoying beforehand. A number of elements have proposed that Samsung should fire whoever had the biggest role in the Note 7's development, and hedge fund Elliott Management is even pressuring Samsung to split up, but for the time being, it seems that is not the plan.

While the company has been working hard to run damage control in the month or so since the initial recall, even standing together, things have not been easy. Everybody up to and including Koh have been putting in long hours, often with sleepless nights, to figure out how to deal with Samsung being lambasted on the internet as claims and calls continue to come in. Due to the timeline of the recall, the Samsung employees involved were mostly forced to give up the year's biggest holiday.

The reports of "safe" units exploding in China and other markets where the defective units never stepped foot were never helpful, and the recent report of a Note 7 going up in flames on a flight in the US has sparked investigation by local officials and further soiled Samsung's reputation. Some say that the issue with the Note 7 was a lack of quality control brought on by the rush to beat the iPhone 7 to the market, a chance that Samsung ended up essentially missing due to the recall. Various figures in the neighborhood of billions have been tossed about by analysts as a measure of how much financial damage Samsung will have to show for the whole debacle when it's all said and done, and when they put out their quarterly earnings forecast this Friday, fans and market analysts will get a decent picture of how things are.

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