Samsung "Adjusting" Galaxy Note 7 Production for Inspections

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 01 1

What we thought was something of a blip for Samsung concerning their initial problems with the Galaxy Note 7 has now become a prolonged issue, and one that Samsung will no doubt be working tirelessly to fix. Reports from all over have been appearing that paint “safe” Galaxy Note 7 units as completely the opposite. Carriers across the United States have stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 and we’ve seen a number of different reports, including video, of “safe” Galaxy Note 7s catching fire. Earlier today it was reported that Samsung had halted production of the phone in order to prevent any further damage to customers and those in the vicinity of an exploding unit.

Now, a statement from Reuters clarifies the report from earlier on and says that Samsung has not put the brakes on the Galaxy Note 7 line entirely, but rather that they’re now going to be “adjusting” production of the phone. This is to accommodate detailed inspections of the devices that eventually end up making their way to shelves, if Samsung decides to keep on selling the Galaxy Note 7 after all of this is behind them. Samsung will now “adjust shipment volume” in order to improve quality control and perhaps prevent devices that are still exploding or catching fire make their way to customers. It does however, make us wonder whether or not these new reports are due to the battery supplier and not the Galaxy Note 7 itself, but a report with data from these in-depth inspections could help shine some light on things.

Earlier today, we saw a number of reports of new sightings of exploding Galaxy Note 7s as well as an official report from Samsung in the Netherlands, and it’s clear that Samsung has a busy week ahead of them. Perhaps the best course of action for those with a new Galaxy Note 7 is to now replace it, but until we hear from Samsung officially, it’s a little difficult to know what to do if you’re in that situation. It’s good to see that Samsung is working to reduce problems with future supplies of the Galaxy Note 7, but the South Korean firm will have to work quickly, that’s for sure.