Rumor: Galaxy S8 to Feature 5.5" 4K Display and 6GB of RAM


The Fall has not gone to plan for Samsung, and what should have been a high volume period of the year, has turned into nothing short of a disaster. The Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to complete the 1, 2 punch of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines release each and every year, but instead it quite literally went up in flames. As Samsung now tries to compensate those customers that bought a Galaxy Note 7, the industry – as well as Samsung's investors – are starting to look ahead to next year's Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 is perhaps the phone that Samsung's mobile hopes rest upon for the future, so it's good to see that these rumored specs have what many will be expecting from such a phone.

According to a new report out of China, the Galaxy S8 will launch with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 4K resolution, and will be powered by either an Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 830 CPU. Given that Samsung often offers two different processor variants depending on the market, this part of any rumor should come as little surprise, but what is interesting is the inclusion of 6GB of RAM. OnePlus were first to include such a high amount on a mainstream smartphone, but Samsung has now recently released the Galaxy C9 Pro which also has 6GB of RAM under-the-hood, so it's clear Samsung can do this. There's a rumored 8GB version in this rumored spec sheet for China as well, but this is perhaps overkill even for the Chinese market.

As for the Super AMOLED display, a 4K resolution is something that we've heard a number of times before now, and the 80% screen-to-body ratio is also something that Samsung is no doubt capable of. The rumor goes on to list a launch date of February 26th, and a release some time in March. This sort of time frame lines up neatly with previous rumors, especially the date of the announcement, which appears all but set to be just before Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona next spring. We've heard a number of rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8 at this point, including the idea that they're going to be releasing not one but two different versions of the device, but this rumor is pointing to just the one flagship for 2017.



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