Report: Twitter Internally Struggling To Agree On Sale


Twitter has had somewhat of an identity crisis since its inception, and the stagnating user growth that the service has experienced recently is proof of that. Because of that stagnant growth, advertisers and shareholders have been clamoring for Twitter to sell itself to the highest bidder for some time. Now, according to a new report out of Bloomberg, there is somewhat of a battle within the Twitter ranks as to whether (and how) to sell. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been fighting such a move tooth and nail, but has strangely distanced himself from Twitter's general operations. Instead, CFO Anthony Noto has been running the show, and reportedly handled Twitter's move into live video, among other recent initiatives. Meanwhile, co-founder Ev Williams has been calling an increasing number of shots lately as Dorsey takes a more "wait and see", analytical approach, likely reluctant to, in essence, let the company go. Williams, of course, is in favor of the sale.

The main wild card in this tale of mutiny waiting to happen is Noto, who has essentially become the de facto leader of Twitter. Noto has not voiced support or opposition toward selling the company, but has looked to his former employer, Goldman Sachs, to seek help in bringing the balance sheet a bit more into positive territory through various efforts, like trying to sell off non-core assets. While Dorsey has by no means been inactive, his management style lies more in planning and projections, whereas Noto is a more in-the-moment type of leader, who has a tendency to take the reins in a given situation and pull the trigger when indecision strikes, as it often does in Twitter's internal structure.

With big names like Salesforce, Disney and Google all contemplating buying up Twitter, it's not hard to see why some may be entirely for selling, while others may be far less enthusiastic. Any buyer could potentially revamp the service in a bid to solve its long identity crisis, a feat that Twitter seems to be working on accomplishing by carving out its own niche. While it could be a social network, blog, or news service depending on who you ask, things like the recent push into live video and adding another potential identity as a general-audience streaming service highlight Twitter's push to break free of convention and generate revenue by refusing to comply with the categories and stereotypes so prevalent in today's tech world. With opposing viewpoints on the inside, it's anybody's guess as to what will happen to Twitter in the near future and how it will reflect on the experience for users.

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