Report: LG G6 Will Not Be Modular

LG G5 AH NS modular 2

It has been rumored for some time now that LG will ditch the modular accessories dubbed the ‘LG Friends’ when it comes to releasing the LG G5’s successor, likely to be called the LG G6, in order to bring the smartphone back into the mainstream market and increase sales once again.

With the launch of the LG V20, these rumors appeared to be further backed up due to the phablet’s lack of modular accessory support and now a new report has claimed that the LG G6 will, in fact, remove all modular support. The reason for this is simple, the LG G5 just didn’t sell enough in order to warrant the extra costs on creating the modular accessories, so cost cutting is needed, as well as a refocused strategy. According to the report, the LG G6 will stick with a more conventional design, most likely inspired by the LG V20 and will better reflect what it deems necessary in order to please its customers without taking huge risks. As of now this is simply a report, so there is yet to be any official confirmation surrounding this from LG, but the company does have a number of other options available, aside from simply ending the use of the modules. LG could choose to include the accessories in next year’s flagship once again in order to see if they eventually take off and become a mainstream feature among smartphones, or they could even redesign the modules so the experience becomes more user-friendly, possibly by creating something similar to Lenovo’s Moto Mods.

Whatever the LG G6’s final design turns out to be, LG will have one goal with the handset: increase sales in order to increase profit and revenue. With the LG V20 only just released, the company will surely take in all customer feedback before deciding on the final LG G6 design, though it’ll remain to be seen if their next flagship will be on par with next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 or Huawei’s next flagship. Regarding when consumers may be able to get their hands on the LG G6, a spring 2017 launch is likely – when looking at previous LG G flagship launch dates.