Pixels Get A Day-One Patch To Fix WiFi


Google's Pixel family are, according to early reviews, some of the best Android phones out there, if not among the best of all time. Like any other smartphone, however, it's not exactly perfect; apparent issues with Wi-Fi caused Google to issue a patch that will hit most Pixels currently shipping out the first time they power on. According to patch notes from Verizon, the current US exclusive carrier for the two phones, users can expect the update to fix some unnamed issues with their Wi-Fi and improve overall Wi-Fi connectivity. Though the patch notes were from Verizon's website, since Verizon customers are getting updates directly from Google with no carrier interference, it's not a stretch to imagine that all Pixel phones will be getting this update.

Details about the update are extremely sparse; Verizon only listed the function of the update as improving Pixel phones' Wi-Fi connectivity, and did not include how large of a download it would be. One thing they did include is the new set of characters that users will be seeing under their "Build Number" listing in the "About Device" section, which is NDE63P, coming up from version number NAE63P. A quick Google search doesn't turn up much in the way of reports of slow or otherwise issue-ridden Wi-Fi on the two devices, which means that the Wi-Fi bugs may have been caught in last-minute testing. In any case, any users who experience Wi-Fi issues with their new phones should ensure that they've taken the newest update, with this update being out.

The usual recommendations for any update apply, according to Verizon. Users should ensure that their device is either plugged in or fully charged, and that they're on a very good internet connection where they are. Normally, this entails Wi-Fi being the ideal network condition for the update, but if users experience issues with Wi-Fi, given the nature of the update, switching to a carrier network connection may net them better results. As with any system update, the risk of ending up with a brick are very real, should there be a power loss in the middle of flashing system files, which means that users should be sure to follow the directions.

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