Pixel Pre-Orders Exceeded Google's Expectations

Google Pixel XL AH NS pixel logo 2

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are the two latest smartphones to come to market and unlike the rest of the major flagship pack, these are not ordinary revamping of an already-existing product. Instead, the Pixel and the Pixel XL mark the first of a new line of flagship devices and possibly more importantly, the first of a new line which is ‘made by Google’.

As to be expected with a new Google phone, the Pixel and the Pixel XL seem to be off to a flying start when it comes to early sales indicators. In fact, while both the Pixel phones only officially became available on October 20 (following a short pre-order phase), it quickly started to seem as though they were already selling out. As such, some of those who have already ordered one of the two Pixel smartphones (including some who pre-ordered) are still waiting on their Pixel to be delivered. While those who are looking to order one now – are faced with either the particular model they are interested in showing as “out of stock” or if available, coming with a listed “ships in 3 – 4 weeks” caveat.

Well, it seems that Google may have underestimated how popular the Pixel and the Pixel XL were to become, as in a statement picked up by 9to5 Google, Google has made it clear that the pre-order demand “exceeded our expectations”. Whether that means they were expecting the Pixel phones to be less popular they they are or whether this means they are literally selling so well that even ‘high expectations’ were exceeded, remains to be seen. Either way though, the statement does go on to note that they are “working to restock” their inventory “as soon as possible”. Whether that is good enough for a company that is pushing hard (and spending a lot) to ensure the Pixel phones are a success will likely be determined by whether those who currently cannot buy the Pixel continue to be interested when they are available or those who are already waiting on their ordered Pixel to be delivered, continue to wait before cancelling the order.