OnePlus to Stick With Optic AMOLED Displays, Not Cut Corners

OnePlus 3 AH NS 15

When OnePlus first arrived on the scene, they spent a lot of time dripfeeding us information on the specs of the then-upcoming OnePlus One smartphone. Given that these specs seemed to be in line with, or better, than the majority of flagships on the market from HTC, Samsung et al it felt like there was a “but” coming. In the end, that compromise came down to overall build quality and some issues with the display, but things got better with the OnePlus 2, which had a much better build and a lot of extra features that users were happy to see. The OnePlus 3 sports an even-better overall build and design, and it even packs in 6GB of RAM. With rumors of a new device on the horizon so soon after the launch of the OnePlus 3, Carl Pei has been doing some debunking of myths.

Chief among those has been whether or not the firm is to move away from Optic AMOLED displays. The OnePlus 3 featured a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display, and given the price of the OnePlus 3, you might be wondering how they got such a good-looking display into an affordable phone. Well, that’s down to the fact that it’s a 1080p panel, rather than the Quad HD panel inside of the Galaxy S7 Edge, for instance. An AMOLED display is often one that produces better colors that are more vibrant as well as offering deeper blacks and potentially better battery life as black pixels are generally those that aren’t in use at all, as oppose to IPS LCD panels that need to power on a pixel to turn it black.

On Twitter, Carl Pei went on to say that the Chinese upstart will be working on improving their AMOLED experience over time, and clarified that the Optic AMOLED naming was simply their trademark for the display type they shipped with the OnePlus 3 and will possibly use in future devices, too. For OnePlus, it’s an interesting time of year, and no doubt a busy one. As they recently launched on O2 in the UK and will no doubt see a surge in purchases throughout the holiday season, things are looking pretty good for the Chinese company.