Nexus Devices Won't Get Night Light Or Fingerprint Gestures

AH Night Light Android 7.1 1

Google has officially confirmed that the Night Light feature will not be coming to Nexus devices. When Android 7.0 Nougat was unveiled, there was a collection of features and changes that were announced as coming to Android with this new software version. One of those was he built-in Night Light feature, which would allow users to reduce the amount of blue light that gets emitted from the screen. This comes in as particularly useful for those that happen to stay on their phone all hours of the night before they actually decide to go to sleep, and chances are that you may have heard how the blue light from screens such as smartphone displays can affect your sleep.

The Night Light feature was initially discovered in one of the developer preview builds before Google officially pushed out Android 7.0 Nougat and at the time, it was rumored that the Nexus devices (which are now the Pixel and Pixel XL), would come with this new feature, and back then speculation suggested that the Nexus devices from last year may end up with it as well, unfortunately that won’t be the case. In addition to the Night Light feature, gestures for the fingerprint sensor were also introduced with Android 7.1 Nougat software, and that won’t be making the jump to older Nexus devices with Android 7.1 either.

Since these won’t be making it to older Nexus devices, this leaves an open question of whether or not Google plans to keep these two functions specific to their Pixel smartphones. While it’s entirely possible, it’s also possible that Google simply feels that older devices aren’t equipped with what’s needed to make these features work, yet may have them included in newer phones in the future. For now, it’s best not to assume anything and just keep in mind that it could go either way. In any case, if fingerprint reader gestures and Night Light are two things that you as a consumer want as a standard feature in your smartphone, then Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL might be your only options at the moment for mainstream handsets. Sure, it’s an unfortunate situation for those that were hoping to get access to them, but should they be Pixel exclusive, they can just be added to the list of other features that make the Pixel phones a good option when considering a new phone.