New Pokemon GO Update Includes Catch Bonus & Bug Fixes

Pokemon GO AM AH 9

Niantic Inc. the developer behind the successful Pokemon GO mobile game is releasing a new update for the aforementioned title, on both Android and iOS platforms. Said update includes a new but expected feature which has already been confirmed by the developers last week, some quality of life improvements, as well as a handful of specified and unspecified bug fixes.

As readers might recall, earlier this month Niantic Inc. has confirmed that a new “catch bonus” mechanic will be implemented to Pokemon GO in a future update, and sure enough the software package in question is now distributed to all Pokemon GO players on both iOS and Android platforms. Following the update, trainers will now earn a catch bonus when capturing more of a specific Pokemon type, so for example, capturing Abra multiple times will now increase your chances of encountering the rarer, evolved Kadabra. Furthermore, the update introduces new changes to Gym Training, and trainers will now be able to bring six Pokemon to do battle at friendly Gyms. It’s worth noting that the CP of the Pokemon fought by trainers may be “temporarily adjusted lower for your training session”. Aside from these new additions to the augmented world of Pokemon GO, the update also includes a quality of life improvement for the Egg and Incubator screens. These menus will now periodically update the distance walked without trainers having to close and reopen the said menus, which should definitely save players some hassle. Along with these changes, Niantic’s newest update fixes several audio issues, it decreases the evolution animation time, and includes other, unspecified minor bug fixes.

The latest Pokemon GO update for Android bumps the app’s version in the Google Play Store to 0.41.2, and pushes the iOS build to version 1.11.2, but as far as availability is concerned, keep in mind that the update might become available sooner in some regions than others. With that being said, make sure you check the Play Store on your own device to determine whether the update has reached your region yet, and otherwise, keep a close eye on the application version in the Play Store.