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Facebook is, as many of you know, the largest social media network in the world. This company has been around for a long time now, and they're doing really well at the moment, though the same cannot be said for Twitter and Google+. It is likely that Twitter will be sold to a third-party company sometime in the future, at least if reports are to be believed, while Google+ has all the right ingredients in order to succeed, and yet it did not take off the way Google wanted it to. That being said, Google+ does appeal to some people, it does have its following, and the fact that Google is constantly improving the service definitely helps. Speaking of which, it seems like the company is rolling out one of their new features to all users as we speak, read on.

Google had started rolling out a new interface for notifications to the Google+ app a while back, that happened a couple of months ago. Now, soon after the rollout started, the company had decided to stop the process for some reason (some users did keep the new features though), and they did not re-release the new features since then, well, until now. Google is now, once again, rolling out a new interface for notifications to the Google+ application. You can now filter your notifications, check out the notifications you want basically, without seeing the rest at that very moment. You have filters accessible at the top, and by using those filters, you can see only unread notifications, for example.

In addition to this, Google has added one more small tweak, until now, you were able to dismiss a notification (from the in-app notification screen) only by swiping right to left, well, now you can do it by swiping either way, which could prove handy to those of you who like to swipe notifications away the other way around. You do not even need to update the Google+ app in order to see these changes, if Google had rolled them out your way, you'll be able to see them in your Google+ application already. Just in case you want to check out the Google+ listing on the Play Store, and see if an update is available, however, we'll leave a link down below.


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