New Google Pixel Promotional Videos Aimed At iPhone Switchers

Google Pixel XL AH NS vr 1

The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL are the latest smartphones to hit the market and also happen to be ones which mark a new forward-looking approach for Google and its related hardware. While they are not technically made by Google, they are marketed as being ‘made by Google’ and therefore, represent Google both at the hardware level as well as the software level. As a result, Google has been on quite the marketing spend over the last few weeks to ensure that smartphone owners, both accustomed to Google (and Android) or not, are aware of the Pixel phones and what they can do. This marketing push has not only included on-the-street advertising, but also pop-up stores in the US and a number of new promotional videos.

Speaking of which, it now looks as though Google has released two more promotional videos highlighting the two new Pixel phones. The first of which is a slightly more general smartphone video which helps to point out many of the selling features of the Pixel phones including the ‘Pixel Imprint’ fingerprint sensor, Quick Settings, Google Assistant, Google Play, App shortcuts and more. In the very simplest of terms, this video is a three-minute ‘Getting Started with Pixel’ video. The second video however, is a little more direct as it is designed to highlight how easy it to switch from an iOS device (namely, the iPhone) to an Android device (namely, the Pixel). Including how to move all of your data from the iPhone to the Pixel phone and so on.

Also of interest, both the videos are cleared designed to be watched on a smartphone and therefore they are oriented to make best use of a smartphone display. When you take all of this into consideration (the getting started video, the switching from iPhone video and the display orientation), it does seem as though both of the videos are intended for iPhone owners to better get to know the Pixel and the Pixel XL by watching the videos on their iPhone. Either way though, and whether you are on a Android smartphone, an iPhone, or a desktop, you can check out both of the latest Pixel promotional videos in full, below.