More Pictures of Upcoming Moto M Leak Out


Ever since Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google some time ago now, it was interesting to see what the Chinese giant would do with the storied brand. As it turns out, the company would do plenty with the Moto brand. In North America and throughout the West, they've diversified the Moto line of products, offering a little something for every budget and every segment of the market. In China however, the Moto brand has also been used to extend Lenovo's sizable share of the Chinese market. One such upcoming device we've heard a lot about is the Moto M, which has leaked out time and time again in real life images, as recently as yesterday in the case of the Moto M Plus, but there are now even more of them leaking out.

These new photos are apparently of a Moto M with the model number XT1662 and features a 5.5-inch 1080p and is apparently running a MediaTek CPU, which would be something of a first for Motorola's devices, which have relied upon Snapdragon CPUs historically, even in their mid-range and lower-end devices. The new images are of a Moto M in a sort of metallic gold hue, and once again the overall look and feel appears to be similar to the Huawei Nova Plus which launched not too long ago. Interestingly for a device that's said to be sold only in China, the Google Play Store icon is seen on the front page in the above image, which suggests a launch outside of China as well, which is something this new leak strongly suggests, with the rumor of Microsoft apps to be preloaded as well.

The Moto M Plus has recently leaked out as well, and both appear to be mid-range devices with premium builds, and features such as the rear-facing fingerprint sensor making up the overall feature sheet. Design wise, the placement of this fingerprint sensor is placed around the back of the device, which would be a first for Moto devices, as the Moto Z and Moto Z Force feature fingerprint sensors on the front of the device. A launch event for the Moto M and Moto M Plus is perhaps just around the corner, given the late arrival of these leaks and how complete the device appears to be.


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