Misfit Debut Phase Hybrid Watch-cum-Fitness Tracker


For some time now, Misfit has become known as a wearable brand willing to do things a little differently. Compared to all of the features on wearables and fitness trackers like Samsung's Gear Fit 2 and the Apple Watch, Misfit offers up affordable and long-lasting fitness trackers that are not only simple and easy-to-use, but also good-looking, too. The Misfit Phase, their new hybrid watch-cum-fitness tracker is their first entry into the world of everyday fashion, all the way keeping the same features and long-lasting battery life that Misfit has become known for.

The Phase is an analog watch that has a Misfit fitness tracker buried beneath the watch face, and while the overall look and feel is undeniably simple, this is part of its charm. As with other Misfit wearables, the Phase will be available in a range of six different colors, and will be affordable at just $175 when it goes on sale direct from Misfit on November 7th. A six-month battery life is promised from the standard watch battery, which will need replacing once it runs out of juice, and the device will track your steps, your sleep (if you want to wear your watch overnight, that is – from the 3-axis accelerometer. Watches are designed to be worn whenever, wherever, and the Misfit Phase is no exception given its understated look and feel and 50-meter water resistance. As well as the standard fitness tracking, there's support for notifications such as text messages, incoming calls and more, all of which will be delivered by a subtle vibration to a user's wrist.

The Phase isn't going to win any awards for functionality, but then again none of Misfit's products do. Instead, the firm is more interested in offering affordable options that have excellent battery life and are a hell of a lot easier to use than other fitness trackers and such. $175 isn't too bad a price, either, considering that a lot of standard watches from fashion brands all over the world often cost more than this with no extra functionality.


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