MetroPCS' 5GB Plans Temporarily Have 8GB Available


Those looking to hop on MetroPCS' network at the $50 tier would normally find only 5GB of maximum-speed data available for them to use. Likewise, those who are currently on the network and want to add a line at the $30 level would find that line with 5GB available to them, so long as the first line had been at the $50 tier or higher. For a short time, however, MetroPCS is running a promotion that gets these users an extra 3GB for their devices. New signups at the $50 level will get 8GB per month, and people on the $50 tier and up will net their new line users 8GB a pop each month.

The promotional plan, aside from the higher data allotment, is much the same as the 5GB plan, including perks like tethering, and all of the data-saving tricks up MetroPCS' sleeve, like zero-rated music and videos from approved partners a-la T-Mobile's Music Freedom and Binge On. The deal is only available for up to 5 lines, however, meaning that big families or groups of friends who jump on a plan together to save some coin are left out in the cold. All of the usual discounts and perks when buying a device are also on board, but users starting up a new family plan will find that the usual $5 per line family plan discount cannot be combined with this promotion.

As with any other plan on MetroPCS, users who exceed their data allotment will find themselves experiencing "average network speeds", and those who use more than 23GB in any capacity will find their traffic deprioritized in favor of less heavy users during congestion, which can render a device practically unusable, depending on network conditions and the number of users present. The new promotional plans are only available inside physical MetroPCS stores, and the MetroPCS website boasts a handy store finder to help people find where they can get the deals. The new promotional plans are, however, only available for a limited, and unspecified, time, but once a user is locked in at these data rates, they can keep them. This means that anybody who has been thinking about adding a line or jumping on MetroPCS should probably do so in the near future.

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