Meet The Vphone S8, World's Smallest Touchscreen Smartphone


Tons of new smartphones get released every year. Now, today's smartphones are considerably different than the ones that were released a couple of years ago, as trends have changed. They're way more powerful, sure, but that's not the point we're trying to make. People prefer metal-clad smartphones these days, phones that feel really high-end in the hand, and on top of that, most people seem to prefer larger devices. Back in 2011 when Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note, that phone was considered to be huge, and it sported a 5.3-inch display. These days, we consider 5.7-inch phones to be quite normal, and 5.3-inch phones are actually considered to be small. This only goes to prove how much things have changed since 2011, in a number of ways.

Speaking of which, we're here to talk about a new smartphone that has been released, a rather interesting smartphone at that, a phone that goes against today's trends. Meet the Vphone S8, the world's smallest touchscreen handset. This device sports a 1.54-inch display, and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, though the company is working to make it compatible with other platforms as well. So, the Vphone S8 is not exactly a regular handset, as it sports a display size of a smartwatch, and it can be paired with a smartphone just like a smartwatch (via Bluetooth), but despite all that, it's considered to be a phone. The Vphone S8 can be used as a separate device considering it comes with a SIM card slot (mini SIM). You can use this phone for making a call once you pair it, while the phone has a number of functions built in. SMS function is also available here, of course, and other social networking applications come pre-installed on the Vphone S8. The phone is equipped with a heart rate monitor, and a motion chip.

Now, let's take a look at the phone's specs, shall we. The device sports a 1.54-inch display, while a 2.5D curved glass is placed on top of it. The device is made out of metal, and sports three capacitive buttons below the display, back, home and overview, respectively. You also get 64GB of RAM here, and 128GB of storage (expandable up to 8GB via a microSD card). The device is equipped with FM radio, which is quite interesting, while it also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0. The 380mAh battery is included here to keep the lights on, and this phone weighs only 30 grams, while it measures 46.7 x 37.3 x 9.9mm. The Vphone S8 comes in Silver and Black color variants, and will be available for purchase for $30 soon.


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