LeEco Holding LeMall.com Flash Sale On November 2nd


LeEco's stable of rather excellent smartphones and other devices is just starting to make its way to the United States, one of the biggest mobile markets in the world. One of the outlets that they're using to get these phones over to US buyers is LeMall.com, an online outlet for all of their various wares from phones to headphones and even TVs. To really drive the point home that they want to be a major presence in the US market, LeEco is punctuating the availability of a few new toys on LeMall.com with a flash sale, with a tie-in to their LeRewards incentive system that customers can use to score rebates on new merchandise.

For starters, customers have until 10 AM PDT on November 2 to pre-register for LeRewards. Doing so during the incentive period will net them instant rebates on six items from the LeMall catalogue, including $1,000 off on LeEco's crazy 85-inch 4K TV, and $100 off on the excellent Le Pro 3. The Le S3 also gets a $100 rebate, the LeEco Super4 X43 EcoTV is down by $200, the X55 model is down by $200, and the X65 also boasts $200 off. There are some great deals to be had here, but the kicker is that there are no rain checks; if a customer won't have the cash to grab something at the flash sale, they can't use that instant rebate later on. Likewise, if an item that a customer wants sells out, that discount goes with it, and the customer won't be able to simply wait until the item is back in stock to use their rebate.

LeRewards is applicable on six items for now, but the program is likely to either stick around or show up at the next flash sale. Since LeEco likes to take customer suggestions into account in updates and new products, one of the conditions of getting the rebates is that the company will occasionally send an email your way asking how you like the product and asking for suggestions, part of the Up2U program that customers who take the discounts will be enrolled in. Due to limited inventory, customers can only use a rebate five times per item, but if they want to grab five discounted units of each of the six eligible items, that's fair game. The fun starts on November 2 at 10 AM PDT.

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