Leak: Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge Possibly Coming

Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral Leak 02

Back in August, when Samsung had announced the Galaxy Note 7, the company revealed an all-new color, dubbed Coral Blue, which sat alongside the usual Black, Silver and White colors. As soon as the device went on sale, it was clear that the new color was a hit among buyers, proving that the bet paid off for Samsung. A couple of months later, though, and most of the Galaxy Note 7 devices that Samsung sold are probably being prepared to be boxed up and shipped back to the South Korean giant.

After one official recall and two rounds of exploding devices, Samsung has halted production and sales of its popular new flagship, which means it’s now at risk of losing customers. In order to avoid this, the company has boosted production of its popular Galaxy S7 line, though, going by a new leak, it appears Samsung doesn’t feel that boosting production is enough and it seems that they are prepping a special Coral Blue version of their most popular device, the Galaxy S7 Edge. Now, although the new color won’t provide a massive boost in sales, it’s sure to increase the interest in the device, at least until Samsung launches the successor sometime in February of 2017.

As can be seen in the images, the rear panel of the devices feature Verizon’s typical branding, signalling that the red carrier has signed an exclusivity deal with Samsung, allowing them to be the sole provider of the new color for a short period of time before it makes its way to other US carriers, as well as other international markets. The fact that the panels have leaked also suggest that a release shouldn’t be that far away, so it’s possible that consumers will be able to get their hands on the new color by the beginning of next month. If this is the case, the new color may well be one of the reasons many Galaxy Note 7 customers decide to stick with the brand, while it may also entice many new consumers who were initially interested in the exploding phablet but, ultimately, have not been allowed to buy one.