Kiwi For Gmail Gets Boomerang Plugin Integration


A lot of tasks that are accomplished in the browser on desktop systems happen within streamlined, specially made apps when it comes to the mobile world. Managing your Gmail account is one of those things. Google's Gmail app and the newer Inbox are both well-made and a joy to use. Desktop users, however, are still stuck in the browser when it comes time to manage their inbox. Kiwi for Gmail is changing that, at least for Mac users, for now. Rather than being constrained to a browser and having its limitations and system resource usage tied to your Gmail use, Kiwi provides a dedicated app built from the ground up with features and usability in mind. Naturally, there would be plugin support, and one of the first plugins available is Boomerang.

Currently available for Mac only, Kiwi for Gmail has climbed to the top of the email client charts in the Mac App Store, and for good reason. The addition of Boomerang integration is just another reason for Kiwi to maintain its status as Mac's top email app. Boomerang, also available for Android within Email App for Gmail & Exchange in the Play Store, helps users to manage email by allowing users to queue or snooze emails, schedule replies, turn on a "do not disturb" setting, and get reminders to follow up or see messages to return if they aren't responded to within a certain time frame.

On the Android side of things, the client for Boomerang works with Gmail, exchange email accounts, and Microsoft email accounts. The app features a striking user interface, gesture support, and a rich feature set that includes all of the standard features one would find within Boomerang on the desktop. Boomerang can also be added to Gmail in browsers like Chrome that support extensions and plugins. Kiwi for Gmail should have Boomerang support live for all users right now, so if you happen to use Kiwi, ensure that you've updated to the latest version. The official Boomerang-supporting email client for Android is likewise live in the Play Store, making Boomerang and Kiwi ready to help you effectively manage your inbox across screens and platforms and bring the vaunted "inbox zero" within your grasp.


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