Huawei Mate 9 To Feature 4x Optical Zoom, Premium Price Tag

Huawei Mate S AH NS logo 3

The Huawei Mate 9 has definitely been one of the most leaked devices this year. The company’s upcoming flagship phablet has been leaking for a long time now, and the leaks have intensified in the last couple of weeks. There’s a good reason for that, this phablet is expected to arrive either this or next month, and it will be the most powerful smartphone Huawei had ever manufactured. Now, two variants of this phone are rumored, the Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro, the first device will ship with a flat display and without a home button below the display, while the Mate 9 Pro model will sport a separate home button below the display, and its display will be curved. Needless to say, the Mate 9 Pro variant is also expected to be more powerful in terms of specs.

That being said, the Mate 9’s user manual leaked earlier today, and both of these phones had surfaced in the last couple of days. Well, we have a new piece of info to share with you, as @evleaks has shared some new details for us to check out. According to the source, the Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro will ship with a 4x optical zoom, which are great news. Now, both of these devices are said to sport a dual camera setup on the back, and the leaked user manual more or less confirmed that. Now, we don’t know whether ‘4x optical zoom’ means actual optical zoom, or will Huawei borrow Apple’s trick and simply include a secondary (telephoto) lens on the back which will have a different field of view (chances are we’ll see a separate telephoto lens here), so that when you switch from the primary lens to the secondary one, it seems like you have 4x optical zoom. This is not optical zoom per se as we’re talking about switching cameras here, not actually zooming with a single sensor, but the end result is the same, so it doesn’t really matter, now does it.

In addition to saying that the Mate 9 (Pro) will feature 4x optical zoom, @evleaks also said that the top of the line Mate 9 Pro model will cost $1,300, which means you’ll have to splash out quite a bit of cash if you’d like to get the best Huawei has to offer. Do take this info with a grain of salt though, this is just a rumor at this point, we’ll have to wait and see what Huawei has to say.


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