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While many of us have not-so-patiently been waiting for the Google Home speaker to officially launch, for some this might seem like a strange product for Google to launch. If we remember the Google I/O keynote from May of this year, the Internet giant was more than happy to show off of a future household connected and enriched by having a Google Home speaker, and the Google Assistant, nearby. Now it's available to order, and at just $129 in the United States, Google now have a compelling reason to choose their ecosystem for the home of the future over Apple's or even Amazon's. Google Home is of course just one of many items that Google has announced today, and while we've got coverage on the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones and a whole lot more, here we're taking a look at the Google Home speaker itself.

Unsurprisingly, the Google Home speaker looks very similar to the one that Google showed off during I/O earlier this year, and in person it really is a lot smaller than you might first think. Our in-hand shots of the Google Home speaker show just how small it really is, despite the punchy speakers it houses. It's not too tall and it's not very wide at all, but it still produces a loud and crisp sound overall, which is plenty good enough to be heard over other background noise, but it might not be your first choice for listening to music with. Then again, it's not designed for that, instead it's designed to help you control music in another room, for instance, with speakers connected using Google Cast and other compatible services. There's not much to write home about where the overall hardware is concerned, as there's just the unit itself, and then a small power cord that runs to the back of the unit. That's about it, all of the setup is taken care of on your phone, similar to the way that you'd set up a new Chromecast.

We'll have more on Google Home as well as other products that the firm has introduced here, but for now, we have a raft of images down below for people to take a closer look at.


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