Hands-On: LeEco Super4 X43, X55 & X65 TVs

By John Anon October 19, 2016, 2:46pm
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LeEco has held its first US event earlier today and along with that event came quite a few product announcements. Ones which span the length and breadth of the connected world and included the likes of smartphones, TVs, a bike, a car, a connected video service and more. While this might seem like quite a wide range of products to be showing off, it is worth noting that it is the wider LeEco ecosystem that LeEco is actually marketing. Unlike other launches, the general idea here with LeEco, is that all of their products (in one way or another) connect to the same infrastructure. Hence while the products are varied, the connection between them is what LeEco is hoping will help them stand out.

In terms of their TVs, LeEco unveiled four new models today with three of them largely forming one range, the Super4 X-series of TVs. As part of this Super4 X-series, the three new models include the X43 (which is a 43-inch TV), the X55 (which is evidently a 55-inch TV) and the X65 (which of course, is the 65-inch model). As these three TVs are essentially the same TV with the main notable difference being their size, the rest of their specs, features and selling points are largely the same. Although there are some differences. For instance, the two larger models both come with larger levels of internal storage (compared to the 43-inch model) and also come packing a Harman Kardon audio solution, while the 43-inch option does not. That said, all three models are said to come with HRD10 support included.

In terms of pricing, the Super4 X43 is due to become available priced at $649, while the Super4 X55 is set to become available at $899 and the Super4 X65 is going to be priced at $1,399. Although, details on when they will be actually available to buy were not provided. However, it is worth mentioning that LeEco is planning to offer a $200 limited-time rebate for those who do pick up any of the models when they do launch. In the meantime, you can check out the new Super4 X range in closer detail in the gallery below.

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October 19, 2016, 2:46pm
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