Google's Pixel & Pixel XL Make Their Way To Canada

Google Pixel XL AH NS 09

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new smartphone, especially if it is the new Google Pixel or even better, the Pixel XL. What is extra exciting about the Pixel phones is that they are running the new Android Nougat and that you will be getting the fastest updates over the life of the phone. Google raised a lot of eyebrows when they did away with the Nexus moniker, had HTC build both devices, raised the specs, and raised the price. The devices are receiving great reviews however, and it is nice to see them coming to Canada to all carriers, Best Buy, and the Google Store. It looks like only the Quiet Black and Very Silver – no Really Blue. However, it is a special reserved color, so maybe they will offer it in the future.

The Google Store has the Pixel starting at $899 for the 32GB and $1,029 for the 128 GB version. If you want the Pixel XL, then you are looking at $1,049 for 32GB and $1,179 for the 128GB model. Best Buy is selling the 32GB Google Pixel for $399 on certain two-year plans and the Pixel XL for $549 on a two-year plan. Rogers is pricing the 32GB Pixel at $399, and the Pixel XL is $549 on two-year plans, while the 128GB Pixel is $549 and the Pixel XL is $679 on a two-year plan. Bell is selling the 32GB Pixel or Pixel XL for the same price as Rogers (on a two-year contract) and will sell the 32GB Pixel no-term at $899 and the 32GB Pixel XL for $1,049. Bell will not be selling the 128GB models. Over at Telus, you can get the 32GB Pixel at $200 on a two-year plan (of $90 per month or more) or for $900 on a no-term. The 128GB version is $330 on a two-year premium plus plan. The 32GB Pixel XL is $350 on a two-year plan (for $90 monthly) or $1,030 on a no-term contract. For the 32GB Google Pixel, Koodo is looking at $400 with a large tab and the Pixel XL at $550.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are almost identical except for the display size (5.0-inches versus 5.5-inches), display resolution (Full HD versus Quad HD), and battery size (2,770 mAh versus 3,450 mAh.) They both use an AMOLED display, the Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 128GB of non-expandable storage. They both use a top rated camera, have a fingerprint sensor, and the same look and design.