Analysts: Google's Pixel Event To Push Alphabet Stock To New High


Google's event on October 4th is going to be absolutely huge, arguably one of their biggest events yet. Among the things expected to be unveiled are the two Pixel devices loaded with a fresh version of Android Nougat, Andromeda OS, Google Home, a new Chromecast device, and the rumor mill is even awash with whispers that Google will have something to say about their upcoming Daydream VR standard. While it could be argued that such an event will not match the likes of Google's I/O in its spectacle, the anticipated content is one of the longest rap sheets under Google's belt, and analysts are tossing around thoughts that the event could result in Alphabet's stock (which is currently hovering around $800) up to the $1,000 level or even higher.

Various market analysts under the Jefferies banner put together a report on exactly what they think will go down at the event, and why they think that Alphabet's stock will soar following the event. It's not hard to figure out; a smattering of new hardware, the fruition of the much-hyped Google Assistant project, and new details (if not a full revelation) on Daydream are enough to send techies salivating, and the sheer magnitude and volume of all of these announcements is fairly likely to inspire some confidence in the Mountain View giant, amid moonshots that are just starting to find their wings and a core business that's under its biggest metamorphosis since the inception of Android.

In reports like these, there is usually a list of caveats that could keep the target from being met. In this particular report, the caveat list is basically the generic 'don't expect to get rich overnight' which is being used as a disclaimer to prevent investors' hopes from getting too high. This and the list of analyst certification signatures attached to the report project an air of confidence; while the average person may not know just how much such an event would increase Alphabet's stock prices, there is no reason to believe that the event won't prove to be a smashing success. Should it go off without a hitch, and all the relevant players find Google's announcements to their liking, this may usher in a new normal for Alphabet's stock prices.

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