Google's Device Protection Is Designed To Protect Your Pixel

Google Pixel Hands On AH 22

Dropping a smartphone has long been a problem since phones went from the more durable Nokia days to the current “candybar” designs of modern devices.  The biggest issue with the build and design of many modern phones is simply this: at least 70% of the front of your device is glass, and more than that could be said of the device depending on your manufacturer of choice.  While some OEMs like Samsung have embraced an all glass and metal design for pure beauty and sophistication, other OEMs like Lenovo have outfitted their latest devices with a shatterproof technology.  Google offers some pretty awesome cases for its new phones, but even these aren’t 100% guaranteed to keep your phone protected in every situation.

So what happens when you drop Google’s new Pixel or Pixel XL phones?  We haven’t had the chance to do a drop test to see just how their durability stacks up to other phones on the market, but Google wants to help you preempt these problems by providing Device Protection service at checkout when you use the Google Store.  Like last year’s Nexus Protect program, Device Protection offers a way to purchase insurance for your brand new phone through Assurant, but interfaces with the Google Store in a hassle-free way.  There’s no signing up for second-rate policies or searching around for the right place to buy from, simply order the Pixel or Pixel XL through the Google Store and select Device Protection at checkout.  Once your phone ships the device protection coverage starts immediately and lasts for 2 years past the purchase date.

While each Pixel and Pixel XL come with the standard 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects in workmanship or operation, such warranties simply don’t cover accidental damage to the device.  Given that the new Pixel phones aren’t waterproof like Samsung’s 2016 Galaxy lineup, grabbing the new warranty might be wise if you ever have found yourself dropping your phone in water on accident.  It will also cover any drops or cracks you might make to your phone and allows for up to 2 incidents of accidental damage throughout the insurance period.  $99 up front buys you the plan and a deductible of either $79 for the Pixel or $99 for the Pixel XL will give you a brand new phone with next day shipping included, so you get a brand new phone fast in case of an emergency.  That price is considerably better than paying hundreds of dollars for a new screen, or God forbid an entirely new phone.