Google Shares Google Home Easter Eggs

Google Home Hands On AH 17

Easter eggs, a tradition that started in video games years ago, are hidden messages or jokes that developers put in software to give users who stumble across them a bit of unexpected fun. Google is no stranger to using Easter eggs; they can be found across many Google products, such as within the settings menu of the Android operating system itself, in the Google app, in Google Maps and more. So it’s no surprise that their new connected speaker, Google Home, will have a few Easter eggs of its own.

Typically, Easter eggs have to be found and identified by curious users who then often share their findings. However, Google has decided to announce these particular Easter eggs publicly. This may take away a bit of the fun of finding them, but they should still be entertaining nonetheless. According to Google’s product page for the connected speaker, there are currently three hidden commands that should provide users with fun answers. The commands are “How old are you?”, “What am I thinking right now?”, and “Count by 10.” The Easter egg cheat sheet does not, however, provide the answers, so if you want to see what clever responses Google has programmed into the device you’ll just have to get your hands on one and give these commands a try. While these are the only Easter eggs for Google Home listed on the company’s website, that certainly does not necessarily mean that these are the only ones, as it is highly possible that they have hidden a few more goodies in there for users to find as well.

Google Home will use the company’s new Google Assistant software to perform tasks and provide users with the information they need. The device is controlled by voice and can perform tasks such as setting alarms, solving mathematical calculations, and reading off calendar events. It is also capable of controlling nearby smart devices, and playing audio from a variety of different music services. Pre-orders are available now on Google’s website, as well as through a handful of other retailers. It is scheduled for release on November 4th, 2016, and will cost $129.