Google Preps For VR Typing With Daydream Keyboard

Google's Daydream View headset is nearing its official launch, and Google is setting things up nicely for it by preparing a large list of content that includes apps and games which users will be able to enjoy while using the VR headset. One such app is Daydream Keyboard, which users will need for inputting text in Daydream applications, and Google has just launched Daydream Keyboard onto the Play Store. Now, right off the bat the app is immediately unusable as there are currently no Daydream ready handsets that are available. The first two devices which support the platform, the Pixel and the Pixel XL, are due to ship  later this month.

So why launch the app now when essentially no one can use it? Google is likely just taking some initiative and getting the app out there early so it's ready for when Daydream View is available and in the hands of consumers, and, if they can get it out early so they don't have to worry about it later, why not? As you can see from the screenshots below, Google will have all the keys laid out for the user right in front of them with a virtual keyboard, probably as was expected.

The keyboard has a full QWERTY set of keys, and there's even a number pad off to the left side so you won't have to switch keyboards, although you will need to tap the symbols button if you want or need to use symbols for anything like passwords and such. Naturally as you won't be able to touch the keyboard with your fingers as you would on a normal display, so the remote that comes with Daydream View will be how you tap each and every key when needing to type. This might seems inefficient or slow, but there's no real way to know until you have a chance to use it. Having said that, it looks as if it might feel like trying to type on the PlayStation 4 console using the touch pad to move around a virtual pointer and click each key, only here users will have the remote with corresponding buttons. Google notes that some apps will not work until Daydream Keyboard is installed, which means that some apps will definitely need it to function. It also means that some apps won't have any use for a keyboard at all. Nevertheless, this is an app which everyone is going to need if they want to use Daydream View, as there will likely be at least one Daydream app that requires a keyboard which everyone will want to use.

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