Google Pixel XL 128GB Models Are Already Sold Out At Verizon


Even before the two Pixel smartphones officially go on sale tomorrow, the 128GB Pixel XL has already been sold out at Verizon. That's according to tweet posted by Verizon's Jeffrey Nelson, who earlier today, revealed that the "Initial inventory of Pixel XL 128GB" has been sold out and will not be available in stores tomorrow. In fact, Verizon's website indicates that new pre-orders for the 128GB Pixel XL may not even start shipping until the 18th of next month. However, the 32GB version is still available, although that amount of storage just might not be enough for many users, given that neither of the two Pixel handsets come with microSD card slots. Verizon, of course, has reportedly already started shipping some of its early pre-orders if reports floating around on the internet are anything to go by.

The Google Store is also listing the Pixel XL as 'Sold Out' and unlike Verizon, even the 32GB models are not to be found there. However, both versions of the smaller model are still available at Verizon and also at the Google Store. So basically, in case you fancy a 128GB Pixel XL and didn't quite get around to pre-ordering one until now, you"ll end up having to either wait a few weeks to get your hands on one or settle for the 32GB model and hope that the promise of 'unlimited' free cloud storage from Google will make up for it. Of course, you could also opt for the 5-inch Pixel, but with larger screen sizes becoming the norm, most users wouldn't want to compromise on that front either.

The two Pixel smartphones have earned a lot of attention from the mainstream media ever since Google officially took the wraps off of them on October 4th during an event in San Francisco, California. Of course, the tech giant also announced a bunch of other gadgets at the event as well, including the Google Home Speaker, the Chromecast Ultra media streamer and the Google Wifi Gigabit router. As for the two Pixel smartphones, they are fairly similar devices with an almost identical design language for the most part. However, the Pixel XL is the larger of the two and features a 5.5-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) panel, while the Pixel, which happens to be the smaller model, comes with a 5-inch 1080p display.



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