Google to Open Pop-Up Store in NYC for Pixel Launch


It might seem like a long while ago that Google announced their own smartphones under the Pixel name, but the Pixel and Pixel XL were only announced this Tuesday. The ait for the Pixels won't be too long, either, as October 20th appears to be the date that these new smartphones start shipping to customers and hit stores. Of course, customers that do want to get their hands on one of these new smartphones inside of a brick and mortar store will have to either head on over to Verizon, or Best Buy, and only then they'll have the choice of taking Verizon service. Online, things are a lot better, as they'll be able to purchase the Pixel or Pixel XL unlocked and use it on whatever network they like.

To help people out however, Google is opening up a pop-up store in New York City on October 20th for users to purchase the phone there and then as well as take a look at the phones in general, to see if they're worth the admittedly high asking price that Google has attached to them. The pop-up store in general will be placed at 96 Spring Street, and while there's no opening times listed, usual store times are more than likely for a store like this. In fact, Google has opened up a new domain for this store listing "" which is part of the new "made by Google" website and could suggest that there are more of these pop-up stores coming soon. For now though, only the New York City location is listed, with no hint of any more coming soon. Perhaps this is a sort of test bed, and if they receive positive feedback from this store that they will open more of them.

For those that aren't quite up to scratch with what the Pixel and Pixel XL are all about, the two new phones are powered by the latest Snapdragon 821 and 4GB of RAM while offering stock Android with a few tweaks here and there, as well as first access to features like the Google Assistant. With an excellent camera experience to boot, these could be the best devices that Google has ever put their name to.

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